Writing an apology letter to your boss

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Apology Letter to Boss

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Please accept my sincere apology for not showing letteg for the presentation with Acme on Friday afternoon. I know how important the meeting was for the company and it was unprofessional of me to be absent and not bboss anyone. I am truly sorry. Acknowledge the hurt, damage done and implications on the business. I know I let you and the company down t understand your rWiting. I can only imagine how letterr the meeting was and how this all must have looked to our customers. I appreciate the inconvenience this must have caused you and the delay in closing the deal as a result. Take full responsibility and make it very clear that you were at fault. I take full responsibility for my absence and understand that my behavior did not meet the standards you and this company expect or deserve from their employees.

It was wrong of me not to show up and I was at fault again for not advising anyone that I would be absent prior to the meeting. Recognize your role in the situation with a detailed account of what happened without making excuses. A personal situation came up that took me across town and that I needed to address however that is my issue and not the company's or yours. Promise that it won't happen again and why it's important that it doesn't. I can promise you that this will never happen again and that I've taken all the necessary measures to ensure that it doesn't.

It's important to me that you continue to trust me implicitly and know that I always honor my commitments.

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Include a statement of regret. I let myself down, but more aj I let you, my boss, and the company down. I regret the whole incident and I am deeply embarrassed to have put us in this situation. Provide some way of easing the pain caused.

Thank you for giving me wonderful opportunities to grow with this company. I am grateful for the support and the experience I have gained in this field. I hope to continue contributing to the success of the company. I sincerely apologize for apologj approaching you and the other executives sooner when I realized that the presentation and bidding ketter was not going our way. I proceeded under the assumption that my team had faced similar situations before, but we managed to pull through. I apologize to you as my supervisor and to everyone on the team who gave their best efforts given the time pressure we were under.

I would like to revisit our strategy to see what we could have done differently and more efficiently should we have the opportunity to resurrect this project. Over the years, I have been given many opportunities to prove myself in this organization. I hope that I will be granted another chance to show my commitment to the company, my fellow employees and all the clients that we serve. I have endangered the success of our company by not being present when the company really needed me.

You have always been a kind and thoughtful person, and for that I am thankful. Yet, I am fully aware that behaviors like these are not condoned by the standards of the company, and thus, I want you to know, that I am fully prepared to face any consequences, and do everything in my power to make it up to you and the rest of the company. Dear Sir, I am fully aware that my performance these past few days have not met company standards, and have been, by all means, poor. Not only have I been unable to bring in results, but also done countless other things that have cost us the trust of some clients, and also hurt the reputation and success of our company.

Truth is, that some personal reasons had been ruining my focus, making my productivity meter hit rock bottom. But now, with everything sorted out, I am ready to do everything in my power to bring profit to our company. So I sincerely thank you for being tolerant towards my lack of productivity, and understanding towards my situation. Dear Sir, I have a burning desire to express my regret towards my recent actions, that have caused a great deal to our company in terms of profit. I know that my behavior was extremely unprofessional, and my actions did not meet company standards.

Yet, I also need to tell you how much this job means to me, and that I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep it. The reasons for my recent misbehavior are personal, and to be completely honest I am not willing to share them. But what you need to know is that these reasons are no longer clouding my judgment, and I am going to bring my A-Game from now on.

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