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A role model for women in Kassala

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I spent a lot of time growing up with family on the Rocky Boy reservation only a short drive from my hometown of Havre. What do you do?

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Only recently did I start dabbling in modeling, blogging, and firls as a brand influencer. You recently made the move to NYC: Can you talk about what went into this decision? Just like everyone else in the world I have always dreamed of moving to New York City. After a trip to visit my fathers family, seeing all the tall buildings, the lights and the people I knew right then and there it's where I wanted to be. I spent two amazing years in Portland, Oregon and decided it was time to take the chance and just do it. So I picked up and moved to the Big Apple. What advice would you have for other young people perhaps looking to move to a big city?

My advice Wrking be to just go for it. You only have one life why kawsala just go for ALL the things you want. Even if you have barely planned anything out. Even if those things may seem just out of reach do them. I was lucky enough to land a place to live a day before my actual move to NYC. At what moments in your life do you feel most like yourself? No matter what the situation I am the best form of myself when I'm surrounded by family and friends.

They bring out my spirit, they bring out my light. I like to think I am pretty good at communicating and connecting with others. Kawsala naturally love learning about people and new things. It is gkrls I love to do. I am a very impulsive person which I love about myself, but it can also be a set back for me. As spontaneous as I'd love to be I sometimes need to slow down and thinking things through more. Weighing out the pros and cons and making smarter long term decisions. But not losing the spontaneity that I've always had. Describe more about your personal style — what colors, silhouettes, styles, fabrics do you love?

Oversized tops and bottoms that flow. I like looking classy and dressed up but comfy. I had the chance to speak with Gasim, the Project Manager for the CIDA funded project, about this achievement and what it means to them. He speaks with deserved pride about it.

In Working kassala girls

Yet they have allowed, thanks to Plan and her partners, for the first school ever to be opened for girls. It is a major achievement and one we Worming will be expanded. The girls, proudly oWrking in white uniforms were very eager to show us their creative items; music, dance, drama and demonstration of the local culture. Parents are more protective of daughters than sons. Yet in many ways too, I could not help observing that things are changing. A large canvas awning has been set up under which most of us are sheltering. A big crowd of local people has arrived, excited at the chance to listen to the bands playing music for peace and listen to the arranged talks.

I have never seen a crowd so excited. There are men in security uniforms around. But their major task seems to be crowd control — mostly to stop the more excitable young locals from dancing all over the invited guests.

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