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If you enjoy older ladies, my recommendation would be cougar life. It's always fun to caglary up with mature ladies, as they unquestionably know how to satisfy a man and they are horny as hell. Female Sexual Health Female sexual function is most commonly approached through the lens of dysfunction: Motivations may include increased emotional intimacy and connection, increased sense of well being and wholeness, improved self image and reduced feeling of anxiety and guilt about sexual infrequency. Both physical conditions such as hormonal changes, diabetes and infections can affect arousal, as well as psychological factors like anxiety and mood disorders.

Self-awareness of relaxation, pleasure and excitement phase techniques, as well relationship dynamics and interpersonal skills are also important treatment targets.

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The good news is, orgasms can be learned and taught! Sexual pain is most commonly hormonally mediated, and the most common culprit is the oral contraceptive pill. The second most common cause is a tight pelvic floor. Pelvic floor physiotherapy can work wonders.

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A number of medications inserted vaginally can also be extremely helpful, along with treatment for anxiety. Skin diseases, nueroproliferative aex inflammatory disorders are there potential culprits of sexual pain. Overall, emotional health is the strongest predictor of sexual health in women. The better a woman feels about herself, and the more responsibility she takes for her own sexual function, the healthier her sexuality is likely to be.

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