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As individuals, those who work in or even run these companies might have other goals, too, when they turn their attention to public policy or Where does a 500 pound gorilla sleep or anything else. Thus, when business thinks about schools, its agenda is driven by what will maximize its profitability, not necessarily by what is in the best interest of students. Any overlap between those two goals would be purely accidental — and, in practice, turns out to be minimal. What maximizes corporate profits often does not benefit children, and vice versa. Qualities such as a love of learning for its own sake, a penchant for asking challenging questions, or a commitment to democratic participation in decision making would be seen as nice but irrelevant — or perhaps even as impediments to the efficient realization of corporate goals.

Some people in the business world object to this characterization, of course. They insist that modern corporations have similar goals to those of educators, that business today needs employees who are critical thinkers and problem solvers skilled at teamwork, and so forth. They would demand greater emphasis on cooperative learning and complain loudly about the practices that undermine collaboration and ultimately quality — practices like awards assemblies and spelling bees and honor rolls, or norm-referenced tests. They would insist on heterogeneous, inclusive classrooms in place of programs that segregate and stratify and stigmatize.

They would publish reports on the importance of turning schools into caring communities where mutual problem-solving replaces an emphasis on following directions. The sad truth, of course, is that when business leaders do address these issues, their approach tends to be precisely the opposite: This is evident not only from those reports sampled above from the Business Roundtable and similar groups but also from the consistent slant of articles about education that appear in business-oriented periodicals. Moreover, while there may be more talk in boardrooms these days about teamwork, it is usually situated in the context of competitiveness — that is, working together so we can defeat another group of people working together.

Business groups commonly characterize students as competitors — as people who do, or will, or should spend their lives trying to beat other people. While it is common to talk about the need for future employees who can think critically, there is reason to doubt that corporate executives want people with the critical skills to ask why they the executives just received multimillion-dollar stock option packages even as several thousand employees were thrown out of work. Corporations may, as we have seen, encourage high school English teachers to assign students the task of writing a sample personnel evaluation, but they seem less keen on inviting students to critically analyze whether such evaluations make sense, or who gets to evaluate whom.

In short, what business wants from its workers — and, by extension, from our schools — in the twenty-first century may not be so different after all from what it wanted in the twentieth and even nineteenth centuries. What it wants, moreover, it usually gets. Indeed, we might even go so far as to identify as one of the most crucial tasks in a democratic society the act of limiting the power that corporations have in determining what happens in, and to, our schools. Not long ago, as historian Joel Spring pointed out, you would have been branded a radical or worse for suggesting that our educational system is geared to meeting the needs of business.

They are not shy about trying to make over the schools in their own image. Turning Learning into a Business, rev. Notice that the phenomenon by which a company makes money by testing students, then turns around and sells the materials designed to prepare students for those tests, is not limited to McGraw-Hill. Many of the major textbook publishers are represented in this list of test manufacturers. Heinemann,esp. Century Foundation Press,esp. Thanks to Pat Shannon for calling this article to my attention. As of earlybetween and school districts had signed exclusive beverage contracts — more than double the number in mid — according to the Center for Commercial-Free Public Education. Greenberg and Jeffrey E.

But What About the Advertising? For more examples of — and ideas for responding to —this phenomenon, contact the Center for Commercial-Free Pounf Education www. Westview,or contact gorilal Commercialism in Education Research Unit www. They may be teaching about our food supply with a lesson plan developed and donated by Monsanto. And the video on how oil is formed? He said the logging companies and oil industry have figured out what fast-food restaurants have long known: Yale University Press,p. Beacon,pp. Houghton Mifflin,p. Jossey-Bass,p. Curiously, I found references to puny pound gorillas that sleep anywhere they want.

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The joke and the metaphor gorulla gone global by now: The weight of some online gorillas is given in kilos. A few of these are even kilo gorillas -- that is, pound ones. David Janower, of Albany, N. Do you have an opinion about this? You bet I do. Which drink makes a Gorilla feel tipsy? Which technique does a Gorilla borrow from another animal when it gets romantic? Who is the Gorillas' favourite President of recent years? Why couldn't the Gorilla pitcher make it in the major leagues?

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