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Death of Cleopatra

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After Caesar was assassinated in March 44 B. Antony took up the administration of the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire, and he summoned Cleopatra to Tarsus, in Asia Minor, to answer charges that she had aided his enemies.

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Cleopatra sought to seduce Antony, clekpatra she had Caesar cleooatra him, and in 41 B. Successful in her efforts, Antony returned with her to Alexandria, where they spent the winter in debauchery. Cleopatra returned to Egypt, followed shortly thereafter by Antony, who left behind his third wife, Fulvia, and their children in Rome. He spent the winter of B. Antony again met with Cleopatra to obtain funds for his long-delayed military campaign against the kingdom of Parthia.

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They again became lovers, and Cleopatra doe birth to another son, Ptolemy Philadelphos, in 36 B. Here is a little more background livve the last Cleopatra. She was the daughter of Ptolemy XI. After a bitter family rivalry broke out during her early reign into a full-fledged ceopatra struggle for power between her and the Egyptian forces aligned with her younger brother, Julius Caesar had to have her restored to the Egyptian throne and to her queenly status as the Pharaoh of Egypt. But for two years between 46 B. Cleopatra lived with Julius Caesar in Rome where she bore him a son. This child of Ceasar and Cleopatra alienated the Roman people who didn't want any child of Cleopatra ever ruling over Rome.

Cleopatra returned to Egypt where she had her own brother put to death in order that her son by Julius Caesar could be joint ruler of Egypt with her.

cleoparta Just two years later in 42 B. Cleopatra met Mark Antony in Tarsus of all places, which is in present day Turkey. Tarsus was the birthplace of livee Apostle Paul who is credited with writing much of the New Testament which changed the entire world. Caesar had achieved total victory over the armies of his rivals, he had been made dictator politically. Livd enemies in the Roman senate saw Caesar When did cleopatra live and die acquiring all powers, even to the point of having himself declared a god. They arranged his assassination in which some of previous friends participated as well as his enemies. A month after Caesar's assassination Cleopatra livf Rome and returned to Egypt.

She wanted to make her son, Caesarion, co-regent with her as Ptolemy XV. Caesar's enemies are defeated at the Battle of Philippi. Marcus Antonius Mark Antony emerges as Wehn leader of the forces which backed Caesar. Mark Antony decides for no obvious reason to attack the Parthian Persian Empire. He calls for Cleopatra to join him at Tarsus. Mark Antony needed Cleopatra's support financially and militarily for his invasion. He had met Cleopatra 13 years before when she was 14 years old. That had been an inconsequential meeting.

Their meeting a Tarsus was anything but inconsequential. Cleopatra having lost the protection of the strongman Caesar needed another Roman leader to protect her. Mark Antony was so captivated by Cleopatra that he gave up his plans for the invasion of the Parthian Empire and went with Cleopatra back to her capital of Alexandria. From the likenesses of Cleopatra on the coins of her realm she was not a great beauty so her attraction came from the charm of her personality and from her intellect. At Cleopatra's request Antony sent orders for the execution of Cleopatra's younger sister, Arsinoe, in Rome.

Arsinoe was possible rival for the throne of Egypt. Arsinoe herself was helpless but her enemies in Egypt could have used her in a bid to depose Cleopatra. A very distant threat but Cleopatra was not one to take chances. Octavian was Mark Antony's major rival for the command of the Romans. An agreement was reached and part of the arrangement was that Mark Antony marry the sister of Octavian, Octavia. Cleopatra bears Antony's children. They were twins, a boy named Alexander Helios and a girl named Cleopatra Selene. Meanwhile back in Egypt another drama was unfolding.

Herod was the king of Judea. It's a love story so epic that Shakespeare saw it fit to be the subject of one of his tragedies. They met in 41 B. The alliance would prove sour when future emperor Octavian convinced the Roman senate that Marc Antony was power-hungry and bewitched by Cleopatra, declaring war on his former partner in 31 B. Both Antony and Cleopatra committed suicide during the war rather than be captured. Lawrence Alma-Tadema Her children's fates Octavian had Caesarion killed but spared the lives of the three children Cleopatra had with Antony.

They were sent to live with Octavia, the sister of Octavian, who at one point was married to Antony. She brought Egyptian art as well as Greek language and culture to that kingdom. Although Cleopatra is often considered to be the last of the Egyptian pharaohs, we know from ancient inscriptions and art that the priests of Egypt did not believe this. Inresearchers reported that a stele erected at the Temple of Isis at Philae in 29 B. Future Roman emperors such as Claudius would also be depicted as pharaohs in Egypt.

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