What kind of glasses does sarah palin wear

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What kind of eye glasses does Sarah Palin wear?

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From the outside, I appear free from handicap, a vision of control and certainty. Inside, it's bafflement and blind panic. I decided to buy glasses, at last, purely to have my best chance in this vital series of tournaments. Or so I thought.

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As I dods out the new spectacles, shyly, over coffee with a friend, she said: You've succumbed to the Palin Effect. I rushed home and googled. Everyone is getting glasses! And they're getting them because they want to look like Sarah Palin! The crazed 'pro-life' Alaskan redneck who campaigns for more oil drilling and gets up at 5am to shoot moose! And why has Sarah Palin made glasses sexy?

It glassees be, surely, because she og such an idiot. Women worry that spectacles will make them look learned, blue-stocking, sexless or intimidatingly smart. In a trice, Palin whipped that stigma away. This is the woman who believes that God made dinosaurs 4, years ago, a theory now known as Palintology. What reassurance for women everywhere. You too can correct your astigmatism while still coming across as a halfwit! Men will have nothing to fear! Hillary Clinton in glasses, now that's intimidating. Sarah Palin just looks like a librarian in a porn film.

Had this affected my decision? I have been playing big poker tournaments for years, after all. Had something Palinesque crept into my subconscious, rendering specs suddenly acceptable? I hope not, obviously. I don't think I want to come across as a charming moron. And I don't think I am affected by fashion trends; God knows my wardrobe isn't. I think I am 'my own person'. But I have to wonder why I never got glasses before. The answer is vanity. I'm already a bit chubby; I didn't think I could get away with being a four-eyes as well. And that means, whatever I try to tell myself, that I am affected by peer pressure, media images, 'body fascism' and an unhealthy fear of looking flawed.

Most people are, that's why glasses have been such a modern rarity. We have to ask ourselves why they all but disappeared as soon as options became available.

We will make our flaws on our events, like Gawain spurted the green cancer: Exactly what life of glasses are they?.

Contact lenses are fiddly and awkward. Laser eye correction is risky and frightening. These developments weren't actually an improvement on the simple, clever, easy choice of carrying a pair of specs. An industrial designer with a doctoral degree in medical science, Kawasaki has designed a variety of products from cutlery to artificial organs.

Basing his designs on the concept of human engineering, Kawasaki said he tries to design glasses that are "functional," meeting both the medical and the fashion needs of the wearers. Now, Nagayama said his store has been receiving inquiries every day from people wanting to know more about this particular model. The three-point tension-mounted frames use beta titanium, the leading material in modern eyeglasses. The boost in popularity is likely to travel to the United States as well. Palin has led quite an eyewear trend. She is already a good leader," Nagayama said.

Palin looks sharp and competent with those glasses, and I think that is part of her message. She knows how to present herself -- a pretty smart lady. He said he wants politicians to be able to feel what ordinary people feel, and he thinks Palin can do that.

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