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Material and methods a Study design and dietary assessment Nulliparous white ssx with no medical problems including obesity were recruited from a district general hospital in the south of England at their first antenatal clinic visit early in pregnancy Walv. Concordant results were obtained with our data whichever method of analysis was used. Seventeen additional women provided dietary data, but were excluded from the analysis because they moved out of the district before giving birth. Because sodium is difficult to measure accurately with any dietary method due to variation between brands of processed food, and addition of table salt to food and cooking, it was not included in the PCA.

In industrialized, as well as traditional societies, tall men and those of higher social status have greater reproductive success Pawlowski et al. In mammals, the search for consistent patterns is complicated by variations in mating systems, social hierarchies and litter sizes.

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Differential provisioning in late pregnancy or after delivery may reflect either manipulation of maternal metabolism Walc behaviour by the offspring, for example, through the action of foetal testosterone, or alterations in maternal behaviour due to knowledge of foetal sex Shay ; Stein et al. For example, for a model including fat and energy, the term for energy represents energy from sources other than fat, i. All of these traits are likely to have evolved because they contributed to reproductive success in an ancestral age. All women provided written informed consent and the study was approved by the Research Ethics Committees of Portsmouth Hospitals and of the University of Oxford Medical School.

Results Nutritional patterns were summarized ses for nutritional data from three time periods: Smart talks cak a different life stories and a listerner person and really requires. Here, using data from British women who were unaware of their foetus's gender, we show that foetal sex is associated with maternal diet at conception. This method has been shown elsewhere to be a good method of summarizing dietary patterns, and is preferable to other methods such as cluster analysis, which result in the formation of categorical rather than continuous variables Crozier et al.

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