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Until visas do us part: three couples on marrying for papers – and for love

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We have known each other a little over 5 months already. We have definitely met in person.

She is a few days away from interviewing with an ambassador to come to the United States on a temporary visa. I am afraid she will get denied. Will the visa denial hurt my chances in the future, for example if I want to bring her here on a marriage visa? Answer Cesar, Thank you for your inquiry.

daying Have you read the information on our site concerning B visitor visas? B Visa for Visitors When she goes for her interview, will she say she is coming to see you? There is a risk she might overstay her welcome as a visitor. Your promise to return her to Belarus is not good enough. People change their minds.

Dating Visa

Viwa She might get pregnant. She must have a strong incentive to return to Belarus when her stay as a visitor ends. The fact that she has a U. Visas are the absolute worst. They are confusing, aggravating and sometimes unfair. Even in his case, if he gets fired he has only two weeks to find a new job or leave the country. Be ready to buy them their favorite dessert and Netflix to distress them when they have visa woes. Sometimes they may want to go home.

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I feel like a selfish Visx. The worst part of being in a relationship with someone from a different country is unequivocally, the fear that the will leave. They may even talk about going home. The thing to remember here is: Everyone misses their friends and family when they are far away.

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