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From at least the mid-Republican era, the pontifex maximus chose Vestals between their sixth and tenth year, by lot from a group of twenty high-born candidates at a gathering of their families and other Roman citizens. As soon as she entered the atrium of Vesta's temple, she was under the goddess's service and protection. Unlike normal inductees, these candidates did not have to be prepubescents, nor even virgins they could be young widows or even divorcees, though that was frowned upon and thought unluckythough they were rarely older than the deceased Vestal they were replacing. Equally matched, Pollio's daughter was chosen only because Agrippa had been recently divorced.

Duties[ edit ] House of the Vestals and Temple of Vesta from the Palatine Their tasks included the maintenance of the fire sacred to Vestathe goddess of the hearth and home, collecting water from a sacred spring, preparation of food used in rituals and caring for sacred objects in the temple's sanctuary. Their sacred fire was treated, in Imperial times, as the emperor's household fire. The Vestals were put in charge of keeping safe the wills and testaments of various people such as Caesar and Mark Antony.

In addition, the Vestals also guarded some sacred objects, including the Palladiumand made a special kind of flour called mola salsa which was sprinkled on all public offerings to a god. Privileges[ edit ] The dignities accorded to the Vestals were significant. It suggested that the goddess had withdrawn her protection from the city. So I gave up on it and clung to a dull, asexual part of myself. It took me a while, but I realized I can have sex, but just not the way everyone else does. Instead I crave a deep penetration of my being one that honors my depth and isn't about an end goal aka climax. It seems there are two types of sexual experiences that I understand intellectually, but am only now understanding with my body: The depths of sacred sex encourage us to dress them afterwards.

The heights draw us to kiss them numerous times on the way to orgasm, but the depths stir us to kiss them afterwards. The heights stir us to reach for their genitals, but the depths encourage us to reach for their hearts. In Sanskrit it means, "snake" or "serpent power," because it believed to be at the base of our spine a place where a dormant serpent lies. It creates the desire for everything I love and makes my hands tingle and my body warm with bliss. Now this energy is what fuels my being and power in the world In ancient Rome, prostitutes were looked down on because they used their body to make money. For the same reason, gladiators, actors and musicians were all viewed as shameful professions.

Erotic scene found in Lupanar. Prostitutes would be identified by only two forms of clothing they would wear. One was a special toga, and the other was to be completely naked. The toga the prostitutes were actually of a male design. In ancient Rome, women and men wore two different styles of togas. It was seen as disrespectful if a women wore a male toga. Woman's "innate" ability to tune into the Goddess was facilitated by her knowledge of herbs, including perhaps, psychoactive botanicals that produced visions. When God was definitively female, women had the edge.

It was thought necessary for a man to go through a woman in order to achieve contact with the Deity. Male devotees of the Great Goddess would offer gifts, undergo painful or humiliating preparatory rituals, wait years, fast, and give just about anything for the opportunity to be initiated by a Sacred Whore. In doing so, they attained the power of the Great Goddess, as well as the opportunity to contact what some modern mages or witches refer to as the True Will, Higher Self, or Holy Guardian Angel. She of the Temple Tower Priestesses devoted their lives and their bodies to the Goddess.

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Herodotus wrote that Babylonian brides were required by law to prostitute themselves at the temple for Veshal days prior to marriage in order to appease the Goddess, who disapproved of monogamy. Spending time as a holy whore blessed the maiden. The profession also became a refuge for women who wished to keep claim of themselves and their rights. In Hellenic Greece, courtesans maintained a social status legally and politically equal to men, while wives were reduced to servants. In fact, Magdalene means "she of the the temple-tower. A woman holds the lion's mouth open.

In this image, woman has identified and taken control of her sexual and creative power, symbolized by the lion. Despite his unsavory reputation, Aleister Crowley was one of the first male occultists to embrace the goddess. Crowley switched the traditional order of Strength and Justice tarot cards and changed the name of the Strength card to Lust. Crowley wanted to give Lust 11 the same numerical value as the High Priestess 2which some Tarot scholars interpret as the holiest card in the deck. Many other decks, including the popular feminist deck MotherPeace, have also incorporated this numerical change. The word lust is derived from the words luster or light, and originally meant "religious joy.

Crowley's Lust card depicts a rather zaftig and sexual woman -- the much-mali