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CitySwoon is THE live-matched dating revolution for your metropolitan lifestyle! No random dating here! Its fun and simple - you are matched live at the event to your dates and find each other via your smart phones. This is an innovative, unique, successful and patented service all about YOU! We have connected thousands of people on successful and meaningful matched dates and the results speak for themselves. This is done for each round of dates and the algorithm checks to be certain you haven't dated the person previously.

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Check out our Guinness World Record Soeed for the Biggest Blind Date dzting event that brought together lots of amazing people who share how exciting and high-quality the CitySwoon event was for them! Your matches show up instantly at CitySwoon on your phone and you are matched to the handful of good people in the crowd at the speed dating location that match you best! Take part in the world's most successful way to date! Utilizing a sophisticated algorithm, you are specifically matched via proven criteria to refine your selections.

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This is the ultimate fun opportunity to meet multiple singles during face-to-face mini-dates! Speed dating near me? How does CitySwoon know so much about successful dating?

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