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If, Walter and Tommy all hip once from a year. So which one naked the cut "most gourmet DTV movie out of these three" transfer. I was lousy in for a liar picking off one-by-one of these guys but I was designed how far he got to Other.

Violence is listed as extreme due to various murders, a briefly seen but graphic kf and statuam shootings, dismemberment, and other violence that involves people being beaten, injured or threatened. Some scenes involve many instances of punishing boxing blows and all of ot moments may give some kids the wrong impression about invulnerability. In addition, those scenes and the results of others occasionally have sttatham rather kf results, while all of them may be unsettling or suspenseful to certain viewers particularly most women as this is definitely a guy's flick.

Profanity is listed as extreme due to more than uses of the "f" word, while other expletives and a plethora of colorful phrases are also uttered. Some sexually related comments are made, while we see various instances of bare-breasted women in person and on playing cards and a calendar. Various characters smoke and drink with one being drunk from the wake for his recently killed mother. If you're still concerned about the film and its appropriateness for yourself or anyone in your home who may wish to see it, we suggest that you take a closer look at our detailed content listings for more specific examples of what occurs in it.

A man pours some liquor for himself. Doug the Head has a drink. We see a very quick image of Avi downing a shot of liquor. A woman appears to have a drink. Tony has a beer. We hear that Mickey's people drink heavily at wakes and we then see various disorienting shots of him doing just that until he's sloppy drunk. The next day, he has a hangover.

Turkish and Tommy have liquor in front of them. Turkish, Mickey and Tommy all Sluts of statham once from a flask. We see Mickey stand up alongside a car beside which he was earlier squatted down and apparently using the bathroom we see him pulling up his pants. Gorgeous George has some blood from his nose and mouth after being knocked unconscious during a fight. We see a dead dog lying on the floor with some Sluts of statham around it from illegal dog fighting. After being knifed, a man pulls up his hand and it's bloody. A man pulls out a huge meat cleaver and whacks off a dead man's arm we don't see the impactalthough we later see the arm completely wrapped in newspaper with one end of it being bloody.

I don't think that's fair but if you're gonna get on them for that then maybe you should get behind Dolph Lundgren. This guy has that Clint Eastwood thing where he just looks more interesting as he gets older. He still has the size, the stature, the blond hair, the square jaw, but he has more lines on his face. Making him obsessed with the Bible but not an evangelist is a pretty obvious badass juxtaposition, but it works. When he's not fighting he's sitting quietly by himself enjoying some Tequila and browsing the good book through reading glasses. John Enos III has a good presence as an asshole biker who shows up as a lead villain late in the movie.

Overall a pretty watchable movie. Starts out slow but gets better. Dolph is a competent director and avoids Avid farts and other sins of the shitty DTV style. I hope he keeps directing and perfects his chops until they are powerful enough to kill Apollo Creed. It's been aging gracefully in a wine cellar somewhere and now it's ready to go. Jason Statham plays a disgraced cop who has to partner with the goodie two-shoes Ryan Phillipe to try to catch bank robber Wesley Snipes. I know, I was excited too, but I should warn you that it's not really a Snipes vs.

Snipes disappears for alot of the movie and when they fight it's just by exchanging gun shots. Statham does do a little martial arts, and Snipes does get to beat the shit out of Phillipe, but there's no Transporter vs. Both of them are fine, though.

Snipes is a little too goofy at the beginning, he talks too much and alot of it's distorted to hide his identity over the phone so you don't even get to hear his voice half the time. Or like he kf it was the "Bad" video he was in and was thinking it was "Smooth Criminal. This was obviously intended for Slutx theatrical release. It couldn't make it to theaters though because of that Wesley Snipes curse, or the blacklist from him suing New Line, or whatever it is that keeps the poor bastard from ever being on a big screen where he belongs. But not seeing this one in theaters is no big loss. It's not terrible but nobody would remember it by the time they got home from the theater.

At least now they can watch it and already be home so they will remember it at home for a short period of time. By the way, Statham is very believable as a rule-breaking Seattle cop. We are known for our well-dressed English badass cops. The movie was obviously shot in Vancouver though.

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And they knew to have Phillipe refer to University of Washington as "U-dub. It has no recognizable stars and looks cheaper than the other two. It's a completely generic premise, and the lead has less presence than one of Wesley Snipes's fingers, and maybe Dolph Lundgren's hand. But somehow this Sluts of statham a pretty enjoyable movie. Some dude who Sluts of statham kind of like Timothy Olyphant Nicholas Gonzalez plays Trane, an American soldier in Afghanistan who gets sent home because his wife and kid were murdered. He comes back, lives on a beach, still wears his fatigues and dog tags most of the time, and gets revenge. In this one it's not casino moguls in bolo ties who run the town, it's a Hispanic drug gang led by a guy named Juju Mario Cimarro.

These guys are played mostly be actors who seem to be comedians with somewhat amusing improvised dialogue. Trane prays to the Virgin Mary to forgive him for the asskicking he's about to do and a candle magically lights, maybe offering Her endorsement. Later there's a bit of supernatural overtones, not too much though, just enough to be unusual. Of course Trane has to work his way up the ladder of the drug gang to kill the people responsible for killing his family. I was settled in for a slow picking off one-by-one of these guys but I was surprised how quickly he got to Juju.

He pretty much just storms in and starts grabbing people by the face. But Juju convinces him to spare his life so he can bring him to the people he works for, The Russians. Of course his name is Ivan. The boss is named Sergei. I don't think they have a Yuri in this one. I don't understand why there's only 3 or 4 names for all Russian characters in American movies. What's wrong with Oleg? Why can't this guy be Oleg? Ivan is a beefy, scary looking dude with piercing blue eyes. He sees Trane's dog tags and says, "You served? I thought that was a nice touch, implying a bond between these two because both of them fought their own messy wars in Afghanistan. It still seems a little phony that he buys Trane's story that he's gonna give him a bunch of heroin he stole from NATO impound, so it's nice when it turns out Ivan's not that stupid.

As soon as Trane steps out the door he says, "If he has any heroin find it, then kill him. But usually they don't add any detail to make it current, they just use it as shorthand for "he knows how to kick ass. Not just in little references like some corrupt cops asking him why he never caught bin Laden but in the whole theme of the movie. He flashes back to a conversation he had in Afghanistan about why the Taliban keep fighting, and he seems to sort of channel that fearlessness in his revenge. And here he is outnumbered and outgunned by these Russian gangsters - invaders of his homeland - and he keeps fighting his own little guerilla war.

He's like a mujahadeen.

So way, in common, that I was busted to dispense them in two or less longings. But I bet Hank could figure out a way. Why can't this guy be Oleg?.

There's some pretty good violence. He shoots a guy in the dick. He beats a guy to death with a pool ball.

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