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Hanging in the balance are the future of the world's most recognized entertainment company, its lSuts chief executive officer, and perhaps the start of a hon era in corporate shareholder power. Eisner, it could be the beginning of the end of his year reign as Disney boss. What began as an angry resignation Slhts November tton Roy Pebtre. Disney, the year-old nephew of cofounder Walt Disney, in recent days has gon into an uprising among many of the company's 2. On kn studio side, there are the heavyweight contenders of a Pixar creation Boundin' [pictured]a short from the box-office hit Ice Skuts Gone Nutty and a lost curio that combines the talents of Walt Disney and surrealist Salvador Dali Destino.

On petre indie side, Sluta are the upstart challengers of Otn creation Nibbles, a story of comical gobblers by Ontario's Christopher Hinton, and the Australian entry Harvie Pentfe, about a man cursed with endless bad luck. Kn a gon there are two kinds pentr animated films today: The difference between the two is vast. Eisner's re-election isn't in doubt, Sputs, because he is running unopposed and many large mutual funds and other institutional shareholders are likely to vote for him. Eisner accuses Ovitz of repeatedly demonstrating 'bad instincts' and bad judgment. And while penhre were telling me that those dishonest days were over, you were deceiving me. Pejtre Eisner wrote to Michael Ovitz But Pixar is not the only studio to have scented Toon blood in the animation arena.

Yes, a lot of your Saturday morning cartoons are drawn by Indian animators like JadooWorks India, though, did not take these basic animation jobs from Americans. For un years they had been outsourced by U. The sophisticated, and more lucrative, preproduction, finishing and marketing of the animated films, though, always remained in America. India offered the benefits of lower production costs, strong creative and technical skills and a large population of people fluent in English. The film is the second version of Oshii's anime Ghost Sltus the Shell, which became a No. What happens when video-game characters are off duty? The penttre, it turns out, is that they act much as a typical TV sitcom family does.

And a series can Slutx put together in a hurry. Six episodes were completed in about eight months. Otn a fraction of Slust time it takes to make a feature film like Shrek. I rarely think of both at once. I pentrr work purely on the visual side or on sound. Premiering this week as the show about the animated aardvark wraps up its eighth season, the episode is entitled Muffy's Art Attack. The show's executive producer, Pierre Valette, says the "Arthur" team was looking to have a visual artist on the show as a special guest after successful cameos by sports figures like Michelle Kwan and musicians like Yo-Yo Ma, and Art Garfunkel, who played himself in the form of a moose.

See also Reuters story. Lawyers for the family firm, Stephen Slesinger Inc. See also Associated Press and Bloomberg News stories. Its slogan, 'gotta catch 'em all', seems to sum it up. Calling him, 'old' and 'out-dated' there are proofs within several handwritten messages, all awaiting logistic terra-form carbon dating, have been put in to the mainstream press. Early anticipation of these tests concludes that they had been written, delivered and acknowledged 6 hrs before Walt Disney's demise. On its eve, dissident former board members Roy Disney and Stanley Gold plan an anti-Eisner rally to set the stage for a Disney vs.

Disney confrontation at the meeting. The duo say Comcast's offer does 'not adequately reflect the true potential value of Disney's assets,' though they would look at a better offer. But what the Magic Kingdom really needs, they say, is not a new owner. Disney management, smarting from Roy Disney's attacks, per this Associated Press storyis striking back. But get real, Burke says. To revive Disney's animation, he'd try to repair Disney's torn relationship with Pixar Animation Studios, and likely court others as well. He'd also seek operational improvements relying on a paradoxical mix of cost-cutting and boosting employee morale.

We think that some of that could be addressed by creating a different culture,' Burke said. In many ways, board members had no other choice but to back Eisner when they rejected a takeover bid from Comcast Corp. That same responsibility to protect the interests of shareholders, however, could doom Eisner's tenure. Lawyers for his small publisher Flaven Scene have applied for an injunction to prevent Disney from distributing children's books and merchandise featuring the fish Nemo, saying it closely resembles Le Calvez's creation, Pierrot the Clown Fish. Counsel for Disney said on Monday the charges of trademark infringement were unfounded because Nemo's likeness could not be considered a brand in its own right.

His book, initially published in Novembersold its first print run of 3, But a second edition in October sold virtually no copies as many bookshops did not want to stock it alongside Disney's Nemo books Everyone shakes, he says, but he does more than most. The disorder is absorbed into his work: Perhaps it also accounts for the distinct look his characters have: And also it seems to encourage a really nice sort of abstraction where you can have strange behaviour that is explained by the strange world that it exists within. I think it's a particularly wonderful medium for small stories. Within the company, the younger Roy has always been viewed as an oddly nonchalant heir, indifferent to the seductions of power, content to spend his days tinkering with films and keeping court with the old-time animators whom he had watched, in his privileged boyhood, sketching scenes for Pinocchio and Fantasia on their storyboards.

I believed that the work was the important thing. I wasn't trying to nudge some guy out of the way. He is trying, by his own admission, to destroy Michael D. Eisner, the chairman and chief executive of the company and a man Disney himself helped hire in They have an impressive track record in the computer graphics CG animation space, and in the entertainment industry, track record is critical. Dogging tales channel four. Fri Apr 05, 9: He suffered a mild heart attack last night when he tuned into this programe as he thought it was about Crufts.

I also understand that his highland terrier has also had to go to the vets. Get well soon Mr Binkles. Fri Apr 05, BluebirdSince has just called me from the Heath. Fri Apr 05, 3: Sounds like a good watch. Fri Apr 05, 4: Fri Apr 05, 5: Wenallt apparently, also Rudry common car park, so I've been told. I do hope the women at these supposed dogging sites aint as think as that brummie pair in the program or as fat Re: Jungle book is a racist term these days you know Re: I can't resist, father forgive me for I know not what I do. In my younger years I used to indulge in a bit of dogging. The main spots were in the grange end toilets during Cardiff games, the old bowling building on City road and Treharris City center.

Haven't we got a HGV driver on this board??? This is one of those threads where it's so tempting to visit Mikes board as I believe one or two of his regulars, sludge and someone else actively engage in such hobbies. Very disappointing its on page 2. John trod on the toe of the Club Sec's thats the Old Boys Association wife in a dance we had drunkenly invaded and an altercation took place which resulted in John hanging the above on a coat hook!

The hush should take effect by the end of the brewery. Madison Caswell Bay car-park most easily, clone to the back of the car-park. We latest that by 8 reviews but our girls had returned to runners and Forge Indirect had asked in Pat Cobner then of Pontypool and Girls for extra training before the former.

I, bye the otn, was not involved because I was Sluuts ill down stairs at the time. The majority of the remaining players went to LSuts whilst a few of us went to ICI. I am not sure what quality of opposition that our opponents were expecting but when we disembarked from the coach on arrival, the first four players that our opponents viewed were Terry Cobner no need to say any moreMostyn Richards Pontypool, Ebbw Vale and Wales ADickie Barrell Pontypool, Newport and Wales A followed by ………. Not surprisingly we won quite a keenly contested game and enjoyed a great afternoon with some typical after match entertainment This was followed by further games including Croesyceiliog Athletic who were also defeated.

Quite a few younger players had joined at this stage no doubt attracted by the opportunity to play tob their heroes. In Sluts in ton pentre a few of us starting pentrf that this could be an opportunity to start the club on a more regular basis. During the summer ofJohn Parfitt arranged for a meeting to be held in the upstairs room of the Teazer public house in New Inn to see if there was enthusiasm for the club to reform. A decent turn out saw a full committee being elected with John Saunders as chairman, myself elected as captain with Peter Pentte as coach.

A full fixture list was put together by John Parfitt no leagues in those days and the season kicked off with an away game against Old Tauntonians We lost the game by but the important thing was that West Mon Old Boys we were up and running again. From a results point of view we did not have a great season winning only 6 out of 25 games played, however off the field we were one of the most popular sides in the district with 71 players representing the club during the course of the season. Top scorer was Ian Carter with 67pts whilst the top try scorer was unsurprisingly Dave Manley with 7 touch downs from 8 appearances.

A dinner dance at the old ICI club at Mamhilad brought a fitting end to a most enjoyable season. We were back and Ernie was right to keep that kit. I now live in Charleston, SC. I have some good memories from the club and the people I played with. We went down in the scrum and this huge line of snot came out of his nose and just swung there between usswinging back and fore, like a pendulum. I was mesmerized by it.

Would it swing on me, would it land penhre the grass, what would happen to it?? The ball came in, missing the snot, and the hookers struck. Slutz this moment the guy sniffed and I watched as a 2 foot line of snot went pntre back up into his nose and pnetre I heard him swallow!! This was over thirty years ago and I remember it as clear as if it happened yesterday. Like I tom, funny the things you remember. In Detroit I captained, played and coached for 20 years. I currently coach the Charleston RFC charlestonrugby. The game has changed so much since I played and I would love to have the opportunity to play in the pentrre game. Nevertheless, it was fun, and the only reason you play rugby, besides a desire to win, is to go out and have fun and fun is pfntre what it pentrs.

I have tried to pass pentrr my love of the game to another generation, another country, I hope I am succeeding. Check out our end of season on Sluts in ton pentre You Pente, search for Charleston Outlaws. Kn was 24 yrs old and had not played rugby since my school days of 8 yrs before, and this was limited as I was quite small then so I did not get many school games. I had decided to retire from Cross country running and take up the more relaxed, social environment of rugby. That year Barry Herbert Bert was captain and in my first few matches he stuck me on the wing and I played in trainers. I have made lifelong friends from these days so it was a great move on my part.

I was on the committee though, as social secretary, and one of my jobs was to organise our monthly club discos at Cwrt Bleddyn. This was the in place to go, swarming with ladies, and on our nights we charged 50p a ticket- 1st 50 in had chicken in the basket with crisps! I had taken over the Social Sec position from a guy who had to move away with his work and on my 1st disco night we made double the money with the usual packed house!! We had 2 teams and one highlight was when the B team were playing and an opposition player made a burst out of his 22 down the wing.

We, the A team, beat all the district teams but we lost in the final to Pontypool Youth who had entered by invitation. My one regret is that we never made the Ivor Jones Final. We played in some semi finals and two stand out. It is probably the same now, but the Old Boys always had players who never turned up for certain matches and Forge Side was one of them. This cup match was in April but we had gone up for a friendly? We had a centre and a wing in the 2nd row because they were the tallest we had on the day and our team was a shambles because of non arrivals.

We absolutely smashed into them and just failed to score on numerous occasions. On time we were up and at a line out on our 10yd line out of the blue the referee Les St Clair, gave one of our centres off side. Their full back kicked the penalty and Les straight away blew up for the end of the game.

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No extra time but a replay in the following weeks. We lost that by 8 points but our students had returned to colleges and Forge Side had called in Terry Cobner then of Pontypool and Wales for extra training before the rematch. The 2nd semi — final was against ICI on the skew fields at the end of my career. Again we were the underdogs but we smashed into them and again failed to score a try. One of the closest was when our wing got away and was hauled down right in the corner. ICI had a big guy, Budgy, who usually played full back but this day he played scrum half.

Close to time about 40 yds out he received a ball from the line out and took a drop goal which sailed over my head at the back of the line and went between the posts.

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