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At least she was not taxing the system,but, whatever the judgement, doing what she had to do to keep her children fed. San Fernando Valley is Porno Valley Louis say they didn't know about her controversial past andersonn though she appeared on the Dr. After leaving the porn industry she entered the Army,serving her country with distinction, and she used the G. My hope, is that the child honors the fact that his mother went through such extreme hoops, in order to take care of her children. She should be respected, and not looked down upon. A blond bombshell whose long legs and creamy skin lit up a handful of features in the mids, Porn Star Rikki Anderson enjoyed a brief but lively hardcore career.

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Do you think that a porno past should restrict a person from becoming a school teacher in a public institution? We need to encourage more qualified individuals from other fields to become instructors, so our children can xnderson from those who are enthusiastic about their education,rather that force someone out for some past indiscretion done in their youth. It is unfortunate that a person that was allowed to put their life and limbs on the line for the safety and security of the citizens, is being betrayed and vilified by those same citizens that she served. Bill to gain her education in college, graduating at the top of her class.

She was fired because there was a fear that since the porno films were still in distribution and that the children had found out, she would be a distraction in the classroom,limiting the effectiveness of her teaching.

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