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Seller The seller of the domain. Highest Bidder The user who is currently leading the auction.


PPornractor the last bid is higher than the current bid, Pornrwctor does not beat the Max Bid of the current highest bidder, Pornractor auction time will not be extended. Services Tab Pie Chart of companywise marketshare of revenue. If the auction has a reserve price, an automatic bid will be placed up to the value of the reserve or the value of your max bid, whichever is lower. Time Remaining The time remaining on this auction. The Revenue statistics are imported directly from monetization services and not provided by the seller.

The Reported uniques value will not be accurate for domains parked for less than 32 days prior to the auction start. Your Max Bid Allows you to place a maximum bid for this auction. Alexa Rank Ranking of website popularity according to stats gathered from browsers using the Alexa toolbar. Traffic The Traffic column shows the number of unique visitors, as reported by third party monetization services, for the last 30 days prior to the auction.

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An automated bidding system will place bids for you up to your maximum. Uniques Unique hits recorded for domains that use Above. Reported Reported stats for the domain as reported by parking companies. The statistics are imported directly and not provided by the seller. Revenue Tab Bar graph showing the daily revenue for the domain. This figure would help in determining the length of the domain name.

Google Pages Indexed The number of websites indexed by Google that match the keywords contained in this domain. The lower the number the better. A unique visitor is defined as One Unique IP per 24 hour period. Bids The total number of bids this auction has received so far.

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