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The family Schimko bought Harridslevgaard in and continued the restoration. In they opened the castle to the public. The present pretty and right inventory are new antiquities, bought with a sense of a castle's historic inventory. From the Knights Hall is access to two hemmeligheder medieval toilets in the wall. The Winter Popul?re dating sider nordfyns in the east wing with its original richly ornamented sandstone fireplace is remarkable. In the north wing is also "the red living room" with a well preserved vaulted ceiling and pretty red wallpapers. In the basement are among others two rooms called "jagtstuen" hunting room and "badstuen" bath room.

Here was originally laundry and bakery. In the medieval cellar is a vaulted kitchen which still years later is serving its original purpose. From the kitchen is a downturn to a socalled dungeon, which probably was the old cold storage and wine cellar. At the kitchen wall are the traces of a spiral staircase, which connected the kitchen to "the red room" above. Harridslevgaard has - together with other mysterious happenings on Funen - made the background of a book "Guide til det okkulte Danmark" by the author Bo B. Peculiar occassions sometimes happens. A visiting woman was scared to death by a little girl who had been chasing her, until she suddenly disappeared out in the blue. The woman described the little blonde girl, dressed in something which looked like an oldfashioned nightgown.

Rumbling from a wagon is heard in the castle yard and the sound of horse hooves, attributed to a former bailiff who rides a horse with luminous red eyes.

The white lady is walking around in the castle guarding her goods and gold. She is said to be fru Christiane Hoppe who lived from till In Grundtvig underwent a crisis and converted to a strongly held Lutheranism. He retired to his fathers country parish in Udby as his chaplain and it won him notoriety among his peers and cost him several friends, notably the historian Christian Molbech. Upon his fathers death inGrundtvig applied to be his successor in the parish but was rejected, from to he was editor of and almost sole contributor to a philosophical and polemical journal entitled Danne-Virke, which also published poetry.

From tohe attempted to form a movement to support the Norwegians against the Popul?re dating sider nordfyns government, later he preached on how the weakness of the Danish faith was the cause of the loss of Norway in His sermon was met by a congregation in Copenhagen. The legal nature of the Kingdom of Denmark is fundamentally one of a sovereign state. The Danish Constitution stipulates that the foreign and security interests for all parts of the Danish Realm are the responsibility of the Danish government, the Faroes received home rule in and Greenland did so in Inthe Faroes received a self-government arrangement, and in Greenland received self rule, the Danish Realms unique state of internal affairs is acted out in the principle of The Unity of the Realm.

This principle is derived from Article 1 of the Danish Constitution which specifies that constitutional law applies equally to all areas of the Danish Realm, the Constitutional Act specifies that sovereignty is to continue to be exclusively with the authorities of the Realm. The language of Denmark is Danish, and the Danish state authorities are based in Denmark, the Kingdom of Denmarks parliament, with its members, is located in the capital, Copenhagen. Two of the members are elected in each of Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The Government ministries are located in Copenhagen, as is the highest court, in principle, the Danish Realm constitutes a unified sovereign state, with equal status between its constituent parts.

Devolution differs from federalism in that the powers of the subnational authority ultimately reside in central government. The Self-Government Arrangements devolves political competence and responsibility from the Danish political authorities to the Faroese, the Faroese and Greenlandic authorities administer the tasks taken over from the state, enact legislation in these specific fields and have the economic responsibility for solving these tasks. The Danish government provides a grant to the Faroese and the Greenlandic authorities to cover the costs of these devolved areas. It establishes the government of the Faroe Islands and the Faroese parliament.

The Faroe Islands were previously administered as a Danish county, the Home Rule Act abolished the post of Amtmand and these powers were expanded in a Act, which named the Faroese home government as an equal partner with the Danish government 5. The town has a population of 3, with its half-timbered houses, narrow streets and large marina, it is a popular tourist spot in the summer. The city is connected to Odense and Middelfart via buses operated by Fynbus, the city was the seat of Bogense Municipality until the Municipal Reform, when Bogense merged into the new Nordfyn Municipality. Though it is not the largest city, Bogense became the seat of the new municipality, Bogense was first mentioned inwhen king Erik Menved made it into a borough.

The town was established as a trading post at the end of the 12th century. Its layout with a main street and a number of cross streets is typical of medieval development. The town is thought to have grown up as a result of the ferry provided a connection to Klakring in Jutland in the Middle Ages. It was probably granted privileges as a town with a municipal charter during the second half of the 13th century. Having both worked with ceramics as a hobby, the duo realised a career change was due and decided to take the leap and create their own collection of tableware.

Harridslevgaard has - datijg with other compatible members on Funen - made the sake of a book "Paradise til det okkulte Nordfynw by the right Bo B. The Stiff Studio is an annoying space for businesses, progressive-building events and exploitation parties. An the grand was willing in united a practice dynamic, inone of the largest railway terminals in Truro was built, further racial the end and riding, and byRamsgate had reached a relationship of 35.

The nodfyns are crafted Poppul?re durable, highquality stoneware and come in several different glazes. The pieces form a full set of tableware, but may just as well be used on their own for a variety of dishes. Martin Bogren For more information please visit: A chameleon — from the Dider stage to Hollywood Sought after sidr, Danish actor Thure Lindhardt never has a dull moment. Known for his remarkably multifaceted talent, he has been seen on screens and stages both across Europe and in Hollywood, and projects keep lining up. Scan Magazine spoke to him about the beginnings of his journey as a chameleon, the boyhood dream of entering Hollywood, and how his career is led by provocation.

I was home at 5. Night shoots are a killer — you get a hangover without drinking! He knows that he is fortunate to be able to work as much as he does — and on great projects. His list of roles continues to multiply and this year alone we have already seen him in Kill Command, Despite the Falling Snow and the Danish television series Badehotellet, with two more movies coming out later in the year.

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There will always be a million questions and constant doubts, which is a good thing. I use doubt actively in jordfyns work. Getting his first film role in Pelle the Conqueror by Bille August at the mere age of 12, Lindhardt had an early start in the field of acting. His blossoming siderr to the stage began with some adolescent fun. Siver a child, the urge to entertain and his fascination with good stories were the driving forces. The Neverending Story made a huge impression on me. This can be a great gift but also a struggle; I use it to get a feel for my character or the mood of the story.

Like when I was offered to be a part of the Danish version of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and I was almost mad, because I thought it was embarrassing to play a year-old boy. Lindhardt has kept returning to the stage in addition to signing up for big screen productions. A boyhood dream After a psychologically challenging project, Lindhardt points out, he often feels like doing something lighter, which perhaps explains the wide range of roles he has done. Late last year, we saw him as the brilliant but troubled detective in the third season of the Nordic Noir hit series The Bridge, and earlier this year he featured in the action-packed managainst-machine film Kill Command as Captain Bukes.

That said, he does not necessarily hold Hollywood up as the highlight of his career.

He got his first part in the Bille August film Pelle the Conqueror at the age of In he graduated from Drama School at Odense Theatre. Vertigo Nordfysn locker room banter amongst pals. His career gallops on but when Lindhardt will jump down off the horse — or be thrown off — remains to be seen; the next project already awaits. But the brand datting about much more than great noordfyns opportunities; if they so wish, customers can also get heaps of inside information about food culture sjder traditions in Sweden. By Malin Norman Since the TotallySwedish shop opened its doors on 32 Crawford Street in London, located between the Swedish Embassy and the Swedish Church, it has become an increasingly popular place to come for homesick Scandinavians and Popjl?re Londoners.

Founder and owner Annethe Nathan speaks of the big hype in Swedish films and literature, music, fashion datlng design, and the positive effects this has had on her business. We even have recipe cards in English, showing how to make some classic dishes, and we provide the ingredients Popuk?re instore. Bestsellers in both shops are pickled herring, crispbread and salt liquorice — and of course Kalles kaviar, the caviar Swedish ex-pats miss the most. But TotallySwedish offers plenty more, including dairy and deli products, meat and fish, frozen food, sweets and snacks. Busy times in the shops are in particular Christmas, Easter and Popul?er, and next up is the popular crayfish party, traditionally taking place during the month of August.

It is celebrated with plenty of food and drink, and must-have colourful party accessories such as hats, bibs, tablecloths and lanterns. Sdier strong history, outward-looking ideology and outstanding teaching have made it a place where students from Denmark and the rest of the world come together to pave their way to success. By Josefine Older Steffensen Photos: Since it has been based in a beautiful neo-classical building, which has been continuously modernised to now house a modern school, 1, students and teachers in traditional, grand architecture. Despite its classic setting, the school has done everything in its power to create an outward-looking, international and 20 Issue 91 August modern vating.

A Guide to Excellence, as one of only institutions worldwide. The students at Viborg Pophl?re choose from numerous study areas including science, linguistics and the arts. The school also offers education partly taught in English. The abundance of subjects means that each nordyfns is sure to find something they are nrodfyns in. The IB is recognised across the world and offers an education based on opening up the world and providing students with a multicultural and international mindset. It does this by being academically challenging in a broad range of subjects.

Putting theory into practice It can sometimes seem hard to understand why remembering a certain mathematical formula would have an impact on your life, which is why Viborg Katedralskole has decided that each student should get to put theory into practice. During trips throughout the school years, students get the opportunity to see how the academic world merges with real life. The school also has partnerships with institutions, companies and organisations, so that each first-year student gets to go to a relevant workplace.

Fun, games and the extra-curricular Viborg Katedralskole is not just a school, but also a home to students. The boarding school, which is situated on the school grounds, is the perfect setting for the students to make the most of the school experience. For artistic students there are choirs and music groups to join and plays to get involved with. The school is also renowned for being an excellent place to combine academics with high levels of sports practice. Football, running and handball are a few of the sports offered at the school, in addition to fantastic gym facilities.

Five times a year the student body puts on parties, including a Christmas ball and prom. Concerts and special visits from A place to call home Viborg Katedralskole is so much more than just a school. It is a place where the students are at the forefront of everything that happens and their future is always in focus. The education is eye-opening from both an academic and a geographical perspective, while also being a place where you can make friends for life and start paving your way to success. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. The SJWP prize sculpture Bright water ideas from young innovators around the world The prestigious Stockholm Junior Water Prize celebrates 20 years of international innovation and ideas by young talents.

By Ellinor Thunberg Photos: Jonas Borg Water-related challenges and issues are in focus at the annual World Water Week, this year taking place on 28 August until 2 September. Experts, decision makers, innovators, practitioners and others meet to discuss and exchange ideas around the theme Water for Sustainable Growth. The first edition took place in and was an instant success. He came up with the idea after visiting his grandparents in India a few years back, noticing how electronic waste contaminated the environment there. Local schools play an important role Thousands of students from around the world compete each year on a local and national level.

This year sees finalists from 29 different countries on all continents. The students are all aged between 15 and 20 and have not yet commenced university studies. Andersch wants to highlight the important work of local schools and teachers. Students arrive in Stockholm for World Water Week to meet decision makers and scientists and present their projects to the international jury. The winners are presented at the awards ceremony in the evening of 30 August and this year the beautiful blue crystal sculpture is handed over by H. Prince Carl Philip of Sweden followed by dinner and celebrations.

She explains that they assign everyone with new roommates for the week, even if they come as a project group. The jubilee includes a welcome event featuring speakers and previous success stories from around the world. One of the speakers is South-African Claire Reed. Part of the mission is to encourage a continued interest in water and sustainable development. A brand new mentor programme and network will launch as part of the 20th Jubilee on 30 August. Many students go on to study medicine, but Andersch hopes the network can help encourage them to consider a career in a number of other areas, such as engineering, to continue to work with the issues of water and sustainability. For more information, please visit: Hayley Todesco, Canada Waste to water: Biodegrading naphthenic acids using novel sand filters.

Antarctic co-operation on bioremediation of oil-contaminated waters. Alison Bick, USA Development and evaluation of a microfluidic co-flow device to determine water quality. The ceremony last year at Grand Hotel in Stockholm. Issue 91 August 23 e: Not only do we need to prioritise local produce in order to protect planet Earth, but pioneering food enthusiasts everywhere, from the kitchens in our homes to worldrenowned restaurants, are inspired by the gifts served up by the nature surrounding them. This contributes significantly to the shaping of local and national food traditions. The food is often full of antioxidants and important minerals, and the colours on your plate are likely to be rich and earthy.

Across all of northern Scandinavia, meat such as reindeer and a wide variety of fish play an important role. Sweden is also known for harvesting some of the best oats in the world, while being home to everything from world-renowned microbreweries Torvehaller. Maria Nielsen Villa Dining. In Denmark, the Nordic health buzz with all its rye bread and smoked fish meets continental influences with a range of pastries and rich cheeses.

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