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Ditch or Date: how to tell if you should go for a second date

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Because, really, what does a datting date prove? But the vast majority of the relationship has yet to take place. Everything is still totally uncertain. This is basically proven by the fact that most of us have been through the experience of having a remarkable first date that turns out to be a total one-off. The 10 Best First Date Ideas, Revealed Most people who are reasonably cute and have an iota of conversational skill can be appealing to anyone for at least an hour or two. Ultimately, the second date is the real test, or at least the first step in the avalanche of realness. So, what does that mean, in practical terms?

When to ask second for date Online dating

Well, it means that you should redirect your mental energy a little bit. So I second that this may not be about immediate chemistry. Do you make her do all the talking? Do you make it all about her? Or do you just sit there like a mute bump on a log until she asks questions about you, and then just wait for her to ask another question about you instead of asking the same question of her, thereby making the conversation all about you? Most people do not feel comfortable talking about themselves through an entire date, or only talking about the other person. Conversation should feel balanced.

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You may need to put yourself out there a bit more. I can think of at least one extremely unpleasant date who made me carry the entire conversation by asking questions about him, and who didn't ask a single question about me. They then sent an email asking for a second date before I even made it home from the first one. This would only have been awesome if I had been super-into the guy. From a guy who I'm "meh" on, it looks desperate and creepy. Give it a few hours, or overnight. They then responded to my polite "no thanks" email with a whiny email complaining that they only really shined on second dates and nobody gave them a chaaaaance! So, uh, don't do that.

You're not doing that, right? How do you treat waiters? Do you tip well? Are you asking people on a specific date for the second date, and if so, is it something that might be making people uncomfortable? If you ask everyone to take a hike with you for date 2, that might explain things. I'm sure you're not a creep, but at Date 2 your dates don't know that yet. Are you setting up first dates which provide a good backdrop for you? If you're good at making conversation, a coffee date could work. Much less room for awkward. Or it could be that you just haven't met the right person yet. Online dating is the crazy.

At the time I had just started online dating and I had a string of months and months on end where I would only go on first dates and never seem to be able to get beyond that first date. Here are a few things I learned that made it much easier to get second and later dates: The purpose of the first date is to find out whether you have fun with the other person.

It is NOT to try to get to know the other person on a deep, personal level. That's what later dates are for. Steer clear of deep conversational topics, heavy questions, or anything that resembles trying too hard. Stories are Onlline preferable to datng and dry answers. Do know how to keep the conversation flowing by asking light questions about your date. It's good to be interested in what your date does, but for many people their job is really just a ti to enable their true passions that they do during their non work time, and they get bored by too many work questions. Try to arrange the first date so that there's not a lot of sitting across from each other at a table.

I used to take first dates to coffee or dinner, and now I avoid those as first dates. There's something about being across a table from another person that puts distance as well as pressure on the conversation and makes it feel like an interview. Instead, go for activities where you will be sitting side by side or not sitting at all. Meeting for drinks and sitting at the bar, getting ice cream and sitting on a park bench, going to an art gallery - all these are better than the "sit across from each other and stare" dates. This allows you to be closer if you want no table in the middle and you can both stare off into space for a few moments if the conversation lulls.

Being across the table means that when conversation flags you have moments of looking at each other without anything to say, and this can feel very awkward. Make sure there is some casual, innocent physical contact during the course of the date.

I know some people upthread said that makes them uncomfortable, but in my straight guy experience, I got far more positive reactions from making contact than not. By contact I mean maybe a light touch on the arm when you are making a point or a bump or a nudge to get her to notice something. At first you may feel a little awkward with this, but after a while it becomes a more natural part of your conversation. In the early stages of dating, trying too hard is far worse than not trying enough. Both parties need to feel like it's casual, like they're not going to let down the other person or crush them if things don't work out. Give the other person time to breathe. That means not contacting too frequently, giving the other person a day or two or three after the date to process before you set up the next one, etc.

Feel free to message me if you want to talk more about this. Also, remember that there's a huge element of luck in dating - a lot of it is a matter of just happening on that person that you get along with really well, so don't beat yourself up too much over the bad dates. An "instant connection" as some have called it. Had a great time. When do you do that? Not in your first text, though you can let her know that you want to get together again sometime. However, formally asking her out on a date should wait until the two of you are chatting, flirting and bantering. Just like when you asked her out on a first date, you want to wait for a high point of the conversation and let her know that you want to do something again.

There are tons of good second date ideas, many of which you can find on this very blog, but the important thing is to plan something ahead of time. But what if the date goes poorly?

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