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Instead, they go for a handshake. Language Generally the Gentenaars speak fantastic English, French and often German unlike English, it is an official language.

Dok Noord is not only a tennis centre, but also there to several times and some splendid lemurs. So it more is a person idea to learn at least some New if you can before or as otherwise as you fresh. Supposedly something that will find you do a stunningly-take upon first arriving.

This is especially true for occupations like the police, city administrators, the people who come and install your Wifi etc. So it really is a good idea to amall at least some Dutch if you can before or vor soon as you arrive. Bar and restaurant staff more used to dealing with lsdies are prime examples. Of course it depends where you are coming from. Belgians tend to be quite held back and it can take a little time to get to know them well. Plus, you still want to make it to one of those exciting new restaurants causing a scene in the Michelin Guide. What better way to enjoy a city.

A self-guided city walk of illumination followed by a gastronomic experience Ghent is becoming famous for. You will more than likely meet the local photography club out on a night shoot or locals stopping to take a quick smartphone snap of their beautiful city. Obviously, the lovely night scene never gets tired.

Although, as much as Ghent likes to shine, we think she may also enjoy just a little anonymity. How else will she s,all the authenticity she has become famous for. This area encompasses central Ghent as well as the port of Ghent. Here you will Lookinb the historical centre with gor streets, pedestrian zones, the main administrative offices at Zuid and excellent public transport less so in the port Lookint, obviously. Even inside central Ghent there are several different neighbourhoods, each with a different character. On the other hand, if you are looking for a reasonably priced student room, this is a good neighbourhood to have a look around.

Gent-Sint-Pieters the main train station, south of the centre and Gent-Dampoortjust north of the centre. The area close to Gent-Dampoort, which also marks the southern edge of the old port of Gent, is currently undergoing a development boom, especially around the old docks sites. Dok Noord is not only a shopping centre, but also home to several startups and some splendid flats. However, as they are found on the southern side of the centre, any sub-municipality or bordering municipality south of the centre is quite close by. Textile factory workers, railway workers and other working classes made their home there.

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Expect long streets of narrow terraced houses and a lively atmosphere. These districts would probably be described as up-and-coming by real estate agents, but they truly are vibrant and offer a lot of interesting locations. For example, De Punt in Gentbrugge, a former factory site, is now a massive office and support centre for social and other entrepreneurs. Sint-Amandsberg is not only famous for Campo Santo cemetery, the final resting grounds of many famous Gentenaars, and as the site of the zeppelin crash, but also for the sports centre Rozebroeken.

Gentbrugge has its own small train station, connecting it to the other two Ladirs train stations and to Eeklo, Ronse, Kortrijk and Oudenaarde. Gentbrugse Smal are one of the four main green spaces of Ghent and offer nice walks, excellent playground facilities and family vegetable patches for rent though there is a long waiting list. Northern side The northern tip of Wondelgem is a favourite with young Belgian families who were given space to build their dream homes within a tram ride of the city centre tram number 1 passes by.

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