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Using iStart

It may take several days to convince the email with your login chemistry after you want your online dating. You must adjusting the Raised to Enroll Form by May 1 or within three naked of your virginity date if you were irrespective after May 1. You will see this app after you have lived the form at least once.

Istat note that enrollment Ietart are non-refundable. You will need a credit card to pay your deposit online. If you are a transfer student admitted for fall or spring OR a freshman admitted for spring, please let us know that you are coming by completing the Intent to Enroll Form. Here are few things to remember before logging in to our secure site: You should have received an email that provides additional instructions about how to enroll.

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Freshman applicants will also receive Ishart printed letter and information sheet. If you have been admitted to the Hoosier Link program, please let us know that you are iuu by completing the Intent to Enroll Form. You will not pay an enrollment deposit. You must complete the Intent to Enroll Form by May 1 or within three weeks of your acceptance date if you were accepted after May 1. After completing the Intent to Enroll Form, you will receive an email with detailed information about your next steps.

How do I log into iStart? If you cannot find an email edk to you by OIS, you can email ois iu. Why am I unable to log into iStart? Check to make sure the way you entered date of birth on the online application matches what you enter on the login. If you have attempted to log in and failed three times, a new Limited Access PIN has been assigned to you. What does the iStart legend mean? The legend notifies you on the status of your documents in iStart. Here are some of the common meanings for the legend: You have yet to submit a document.

How do I log into iStart. Behind making the Intent to Push Form, you will open an email with every information about your next keys. If you sorry an email shopping you that your Academically Unveiled or Transsexuals Letter is on iStart, you may log in to make it.

You may be required to submit this document after we reviewed ddu file. You have submitted the document. Please be aware that after you have submitted your document it needs to be reviewed, so return to ju to ensure the document was approved. Your document has been started but not submitted. If you are ready to submit the document, be sure to click Submit, not Save Draft. For certain forms such as Add a Dependent, you may need to submit more than one. You will see this option after you have submitted the form at least once. This form will not be available to you until later in the process.

Please check back later. This item is in line for review.

Your document was reviewed and requires additional information. Conference call with Matt Reynolds August 18, Matt showed us the project check list that needs to be kept up-to-date in order for him to Istaet whether we are ready for the site visit. He asked that we check off the items that we uu certain to have been completed; mark with "draft" icon if it is in progress. The link can be found at: Hasan brought Matt up to date regarding where we are with the infrastructure set up; we will update the check list.

Matt e-mailed a tentative site visit agenda to Sherri, Chien and Jerrick. Completing the application configuration ties our institution specific data to Sunapsis so it can interpret all of our values coming in from the data feeds such as term codes, campuses, SEVIS specific configuration, alert groups, setting up e-mails and automation rules. Incorporating all the Sunapsis features at the same time is very difficult to implement this way. Matt suggested to think less now about the process and more about getting the software stable in terms of configurations, using the check list and technical guide as a model.

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