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The more relaxed you are, the better the waxing experience will be. Consume alcohol or significant amounts of caffeine before your reservation. Both can cause your pores to tighten, resulting in a more uncomfortable experience. Save the partying for afterwards. Use any numbing creams. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but they do not penetrate the skin deep enough to be effective.

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The Service Our bikini waxing service, step by step The Arrival: Our Guest Service Associate will check you in, answer any questions that you have, and inform you of any current promotions we have to help you save on your waxing visits. All of our friendly Wax Specialists are licensed professionals. They are also required to successfully complete our in-house training program to ensure that guests receive the same level of excellence from every Wax Specialist. Your Wax Specialist will ask you to remove your garments from the waist down before hopping on the bed.

This allows the Wax Specialist to work without interruption and also prevents wax from getting on your undergarments or clothing. Pain during your waxing will be dependent on your mindset, your general tolerance for discomfort, and whether or not you stay on schedule. Everyone is different, but top magazines and beauty reviewers have said waxing is virtually painless thanks to our exclusive Comfort Wax. Hard wax, also referred to as a strip-less wax, gets its name from the actual wax cooling and hardening after application onto the skin.

The wax itself is then removed without the use of a cloth strip.

This deluxe product is also available in our centers for purchase. Service times depend on a number of factors, but most of co guests are in and out within 15 to 30 minutes. Aftercare After your first wax Your first wax removes the majority of hair that has grown above the skin. After three to four waxes, all of your hairs should be growing in the same cycle, resulting in longer lasting smooth skin. Bikini wax aftercare tips Consistency pays off. If you shave, the next wax will likely feel just like the first.

Hot wax is applied and left to cool down for a few seconds before being removed, and so for speed and convenience a number of patches of wax will be applied at a time. The hot wax is applied in a thick layer and feels warms rather than hot against the skin. During the treatment you might also be asked to stretch the skin with your hands. This prevents bruising as well as making for a more comfortable experience. If you would also like hair removed from between the buttocks, you will then be asked to turn over and lie on your stomach. Cleanser and pre-wax oil will be applied as before and once again, the wax will be applied in a number of patches and then swiftly removed.

After the hair has been removed, the area will be cleansed once again to remove any excess oil, and then aloe vera will be applied to reduce redness and prevent infection. It might be necessary to remove a few remaining hairs with tweezers, particularly if there are any that are ingrown.

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