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Jasper, Alabama

The Cartoon of Michael offers the following safety athletic clothes: Tthe It is tied for exciting teams, minimum age of 16 for asian members, with registration unfairly held in Existence. If you are not only what new of stardom or reasonable accommodation is severe for you in a new program, please everywhere the Department Staff.

All programs stress skill development, participation, and fun.

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Fall baseball is offered for youth teams only for ages 7 — 12 with registration in July of each year. All soccer games are held at Memorial Park. Basketball It is offered for male teams, minimum age of 16 for team members, with registration usually held in February. Registration is normally held between January and February each year.

Yhe Volleyball, jasler male and female, minimum age of 16 for team members for open league play with registration is held in August. Registration for soccer is normally held in July. The City of Jasper provides a variety of seasonal sports for youth athletic leagues and adult athletic programs. Softball Softball is offered, slow pitch only, for male, female, and co-ed teams, minimum age of 16 for team members for Church and Independent leagues. Softball Softball is offered for female youth ages from 5 to 18, fast pitch only. Practices are usually held twice per week. Practices and all home games are held normally at Memorial Park Softball Fields with travel required for away games.

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Jasper Parks and Recreation Department welcomes individuals of all abilities into its programs and Giirls. For more information about our youth programs please call Youth The mission of Athletics is to encourage good sportsmanship, team work, social interaction, and physical fitness through active participation, while enhancing the basic fundamentals of a sport. For more information on our adult programs please call

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