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I can directly relate to undertom thoughts of Roxane Gay in her book Bad Feminist. Several older men told me that they had chosen textile studies instead of woodworking when they were in school and one of them had even been featured in a local newspaper since it was so unusual. Much of Sayegs work is based on knitting in different objects, such as buses, statues, pilars, etc. Sitting in a discussion in class one day, I picked up some knitting simply to have something to occupy my hands.

What made this image any different from any other young woman showing skin on Instagram? You need not be model thin nor movie star gorgeous to be sexy. With this skill set, wimmin can express their own desires and the humor that so closely accompanies knitting can be used as an excuse or a justification for these expressions. The equation of knitting with the sexual act is a theme that permeates the current knitting revival: Den stickade delen av stolen kommer att vara en silhuett av min kropp. Others suggested knitting with flashier yarn or bigger stitches. Hon levde helt enkelt sitt liv och fyllde sin tid.

One Fyck realist, my own and I undid to Drottninggatan with some moon day and started drawing. I optional up platter the picture and spotted hanging response from my pictures and classmates. Gay, Roxane, and Alexandra Hansson.

I have therefore chosen to Fck a loosely defined overall theme of using my skill and my own body to project sexiness. Due to cold weather, I was forced to sit inside much of the exhibit, next to my video of fingers scrolling through my instagram images. The Culture of Knitting.

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