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Somehow though, the local of his flesh covering her face seemed to combat her beyond contouring, as she had only let a string of men do this amongst her find of lovers. She shot full well that his family life of lust was able for a man, a dam of looking frustration and desire beautiful to burst, and so it took.

Vivienne was dying to see what this priapic priest had under his cassock, hoping to find him hung like a stallion. She thought how surprisingly adept he was at cunnilingus but he was going purely on instinct.

He was a sensual soul by nature but his calling to the church had made him deny himself, and now it burst out of him as if he were a lion let loose from a cage. She held the back of his head as he slavishly ate her out, then impatiently she grabbed him by the hair and brought him up to her face where she savagely licked her own juices off his face then thrust her tongue into his mouth. She then brought his head to her breast and he gorged on her red, swollen nipple through her sheer bra, then her hands slipped round her back and unclasped it, revealing the full glory of her breasts to him. He sucked greedily on each nipple, moving his head from each to each, Biblical quotes of sin and vice running through his head, the voice of his conscience, but he was past caring now.

She was fully in control of his every move and told him to stand on his feet and remove his cassock.

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She was pleased by the sight of his body, firm and masculine but even more impressed with the huge bulge in his black briefs, so big that it poked out to the side. She grappled it, wrapping her hand round the thick shaft then licked some precum off the tip. Father Michael had never experienced a woman touching his cock before, let alone lick it, and he had to close his eyes and breathe deeply not to cum instantly. She gently kissed the tip then wrapped her lips round the bulbous head, sinking them slowly down the shaft, her ruby lipstick leaving its stain. Vivienne found her mouth was stretched by his girth and felt the tip touch the back Fuck local sluts in blackmoor her throat, making her gag a little.

Father Michael was still fighting the intense pleasure he was feeling, making the sign of the cross on his chest as if to alleviate the sinfulness of the act, which only turned Vivienne on even more. Vivienne leaned back on the wooden bench and spread her legs wide, her make-up smeared across her face. Father Michael thought she looked the very embodiment of the great harlot, and utterly irresistible at the same time. The sight of her inviting wet peach of a pussy was simply more than he could bear though, and betraying himself once more, he guided his length inside her, entering with ease.

Her face looked serious and full of desire, her eyes holding him in a trance to make sure he did what she wanted. As he began to pump her slowly his entire body seemed on fire with sensations of pleasure he had not known even existed, and which he knew his devotion to his faith denied him, a faith that he had doubts about. He was inside her unprotected, and knew that there was even a risk that he could get her pregnant. He knew he must not let her tempt him into shooting his seed, though he knew how good that would feel. Everything she said seemed to turn him on more, and he found himself grabbing her hips, then her ankles and aggressively rutting into her, his pace increasing with every thrust.

As he held her legs aloft, his mouth kissed her stocking-clad feet which sent her into ecstatic moans and she herself thought how divine and delicious it would be for him to inseminate her. Somehow though, the thought of his semen covering her face seemed to excite her beyond measure, as she had only let a couple of men do this amongst her multitude of lovers.

He could sense the cum stirring locwl his loins, waiting to bllackmoor like a volcano, but he knew he must fight the urge. Give me my Eucharist! With that, Father Kocal pulled out and she fell to her knees in front of him. She stuck out her tongue at full stretch as she used Fuuck do when receiving a communion wafer, and the thought of perverting this sacred ritual made Father Michael unleash a torrent of locql, creamy white semen over her already make-up smeared face. It splattered against her cheeks and chin, some darting straight down her open throat. The intensity of the orgasm made Father Michael physically shake, and for the first time in his life he experienced sexual ecstasy, an ecstasy he had not found in his faith.

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