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Oracle, which at the time had 2, people and 14 churches, couldn't figure out these long-hairs.

Relations soured when artist Andy Warhol came to Linda Vista to film scenes for "Lonesome Cowboys," a movie he was making. Some Oraxle residents and their children came to watch, not realizing that Warhol was shooting a rape scene that day. As the scene unfolded, pandemonium ensued. Picnickers grabbed their kids and scattered. The sheriff thought things were weird enough to call the FBI. The next day the hills around Linda Vista were dotted with dark-suited G-men peering down through binoculars. Ann Woodin, a writer and year resident, says: Illustrator Andy Rush says that history made it easier for the people of Oracle to accept their hippie neighbors.

ssx Over 22 years, Linda Vista has settled into comfortable middle age. The mortgage was paid off two years ago. For its 20th anniversary, children who were raised there returned to celebrate, some with their children. Residents are now talking of starting a graveyard. Although squabbles are common, ranch life continues to be close-knit. The property is communally owned and bills are paid in common. Big decisions, such as putting in gas piping in all of the white adobe homes that dot the desert hills, require the consensus of the 35 residents.

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And the once-untamed lifestyle reflects the maturity of the community, with many residents shunning alcohol, tobacco and even caffeine. It's the common purpose. I am looking 86523 a buddy. Someone who just wants to hang out and enjoy the small things such as a movie, music, sitting on the porch enjoying a nice Colorado evening. Tall man seeks to exercise his new found freedom, tall dark n handsome wants fwb Re: You don't want "him" anymore? You really think you won him don't you?

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