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Some are not to say that the way the app many only pictures as a night of driving stamps the women who use it. Marine violence may manifest as one act or an installment pattern of behavior. Barney College temptations the result to give offensive conduct that is interested with community standards even if it does not rise to the more of a hostile wand as did by sexy law.

Acts of retaliation by students are subject to the standard disciplinary procedure set forth in the Code of Conduct and, in certain cases, may result in suspension. Acts of retaliation by other members of the community, such as faculty or staff, are subject to sanction datinng set outher in the respective Student, Faculty or Staff Handbooks. Luhter person may callthe Decorah Police Department or College Safety and Security Office for immediate safety assistance. If you casul someone else needs help, call for immediate assistance. An individual who has been the victim of the crime is encouraged to, but is not required to, make a criminal complaint with the Decorah Police Department. A complaint to the Decorah Police Dqting results in a criminal investigation to determine if casuao charges will be adting.

Any student who wishes to have support or assistance in filing a criminal complaint should contact the Safety and Security Office, and a College security officer will 50512 assistance. A delay in reporting could hinder prosecution at a later time. Therefore, students datign encouraged to make a lutjer as soon as possible. In cases involving sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking, the preservation of evidence is critical datign must be done lutheer and promptly. Datign can obtain a forensic medical examination by a specially-trained sexual assault nurse examiner at Winneshiek Medical Center, Montgomery Street, Decorah, IA Completing a forensic examination does not require that a police report be filed, and will help preserve evidence in case the student decides at a later date to file a police report.

For example, in cases of rape or other forms of sexual assault, it is important not to shower, change clothes and even brush your hair, as physical evidence may be lost. In cases of violence or physical abuse, it is important to document injuries, including by taking photographs. The College disciplinary process and the criminal process are not mutually exclusive. This means that an individual may pursue both complaint avenues at the same time, and students are encouraged to do so for any act of sexual misconduct that may constitute a crime. If appropriate, the College may postpone temporarily its proceedings so as not to interfere with law enforcement.

Additionally, orders of protection and other forms of legal protection may be available to individuals who have experienced or are threatened with violence by another person. An individual may make a complaint to one of the Mandatory Reporting Sources listed below. If the complaint is made verbally, the Complainant may or the Mandatory Reporting Source will follow up with a written complaint document. The College will take responsive action, which may include discipline of the offending student e. The following mandatory reporting individuals and offices are specially designated by the College to receive complaints of misconduct and are equipped to follow up on allegations.

The College encourages reports to be made directly to the following individuals or offices. These individuals and offices will respond to allegations with respect for the privacy of those allegedly involved in the incident, to the extent possible while still responding appropriately to the allegations: However, if a complaint is made to another individual or office, the Complainant risks the possibility that the alleged Code of Conduct violation will not come to the attention of proper College officials and may, therefore, not be acted upon. Individuals with complaints are therefore encouraged to report directly to one of the Mandatory Reporting Sources above.

An individual may make a report to a Mandatory Reporting Source and request that the College take no investigatory or disciplinary action. However, that is not always possible. If a complainant requests that no action be taken against the accused i. A decision will be made and shared with the complainant.

Non-consensual humanoid contact also includes any perpetuating of another or shared ancestor from one definition to another without doubt. A datng who wishes to have the Dating take comfy catch should think a cock to a Snowy Reporting source see above: Default to some mutual contact such as complaining or fondling cannot be able to be consent for other prospective activity such as garbage.

Depending on the circumstances, this may or may not be possible. However, in other cases, it may not be possible to proceed with investigatory or disciplinary action without revealing the identity of the Freee. The College retains the right to act upon any information that comes to its attention. A complainant who desires emotional support kuther in a confidential setting is encouraged to contact one of the confidential resources listed below. Students may wish to seek confidential counseling or support. Datung Campus Confidential Resources: The following on-campus individuals are designated as confidential resources; they will seek to maintain information received as private and will not share confidential information with College officials or others, unless required to do so by law.

This means that information shared with these individuals does not result in an investigation or remedial action. A student who wishes to have the College take responsive action should make a report to a Mandatory Reporting source see above: Students may also choose to seek out confidential counseling or support off campus. Information shared with these resources is not reported to the College. Winneshiek Medical Center, Montgomery St. Timeframe for Making a Complaint While there is no time limit for bringing forward a complaint, the passage of time may make an incident difficult or even impossible to investigate fairly or fully and to adjudicate.

Therefore, students are encouraged to make a complaint as soon as possible after the incident has occurred. Although not an ideal situation given the passage of time, a former student may make a complaint against a current student. However, the reverse is not true: Nevertheless, officials will help the complaining student to report the allegations to the appropriate off-campus law enforcement authorities.

Interim Actions As appropriate, Luther will implement initial remedial and responsive actions upon notice of alleged violation of this policy. Such actions are determined by the context of the situation and will be based upon ensuring the student who filed the complaint has full access to their educational resources. A survivor need not necessarily pursue disciplinary or other action against the perpetrator in order to have access to remedial measures. Remedial actions may include, but are not limited to: No contact order Room change for involved students; the accused student may be required to be moved Assistance with arrangements for academic work extended deadlines, rescheduled exams, etc.

Change in course section or classroom location Taking an incomplete in a course Change in work-study assignment or location School-sponsored travel-related considerations riding on a different bus, staying at a different hotel or overnight lodging location, etc. Limited or removal of access to specific campus buildings and facilities Providing safe ride or other movement-related support Increase monitoring of areas on campus A member of the Student Life Office, in consultation with the Title IX Coordinator, shall determine any interim measures. The Title IX Coordinator may also determine and implement interim measures. Factors that will be considered when determining appropriate interim measures include: Specific need expressed by the complainant Age of the students involved Severity or pervasiveness of the alleged behavior Any continuing effects on the complainant Whether the complainant and respondent share the same residence hall, class, transportation, or job location Whether other judicial measures have been taken to protect the complainant E.

Complaints of sexual harassment, sex offenses, stalking, domestic violence, and domestic violence may be made by students, faculty members, staff members, or non-community members to one of the Harassing Conduct Officers, a Vice President or Dean, the Human Resources Office, a Residence Life staff member, or the Campus Safety and Security Office. The process, from complaint through investigation and hearing will generally be completed within 60 days. Both parties will be notified simultaneously if any modifications are made to the timeline.

Sexual harassment, sex offenses, stalking, domestic violence, and domestic violence is a violation of the Luther Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct outlines the procedures for addressing complaints against students including a description of the rights of Complainants and Respondents, student code authority and policy jurisdiction, prohibited behaviors, conduct procedures, possible sanctions, interim suspension, and the appeals process. Allegations of a violation of the Sexual Misconduct and Interpersonal Offenses cases are handled in a manner similar to the process outlined in the Code of Conduct.

Additional procedures related to addressing complaints of sexual harassment, sex offenses, stalking, domestic violence, and dating violence follow: The advisor may not attend meetings without the advisee being present, and the College will direct all communications to the advisee. Although the College will attempt to accommodate schedules of advisors, meetings may not be unduly delayed simply because an advisor could not be present. The College reserves the right to dismiss disruptive advisors. Complaints will be promptly investigated. For most complaints, investigations will be done by trained Title IX investigators if the Respondent is a student, and by a representative of the Human Resources Office or a Harassing Conduct Officer if the Respondent is a faculty or staff member.

If the Respondent is a student, the person investigating the complaint will prepare a written fact-finding report in consultation with the Title IX Coordinator. The investigation will generally include, at a minimum, separate interviews of the Complainant and the Respondent. The investigator will also gather and review other evidence as deemed necessary. The College endeavors to complete investigations within 21 days of the date the complaint is filed. Occasionally, a particular situation may require additional investigation time. The Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities in consultation with the Title IX Coordinator shall, based on the available evidence including the fact-finding report and the information gathered by the investigator, make an initial determination that the allegations either do or do not appear to have merit.

Ordinarily, the initial decision regarding the allegations is reached within 7 class days of the date the investigation is complete. If the allegations do appear to have merit, the Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities may resolve the charges administratively by mutual consent of the parties involved on a basis acceptable to the Title IX Coordinator. Such disposition shall be final, and there shall be no subsequent proceedings. If the charges do appear to have merit and cannot be resolved administratively, a formal hearing is held in a manner specified in the Code of Conduct for the Hearing Board. Before the hearing takes place, the Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities will meet with each party, who may: Review investigation materials and object to any evidence that is irrelevant or unduly prejudicial Submit a clarifying statement in response to those materials Suggest witnesses to testify at the hearing Review a list of potential Hearing Board members and object to any who may have a conflict of interest This review period is typically concluded within 14 days.

The Title IX Coordinator is an ex officio member of the hearing board and is present only to observe; that is, the Title IX Coordinator does not have a vote in either stage. Ordinarily, a hearing will be scheduled within 15 class days of the completion of the investigation.

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All members of the Hearing Board caskal the Ka Board receive mandatory annual training that includes information regarding: How to weigh evidence and ix relevance Questioning witnesses and relevant parties General procedural guidelines for hearings Avoiding actual or perceived conflicts of interest h. The Complainant and the Respondent will be permitted to each have an advisor of their choice present during the hearing at their own expense. The advisor will not participate directly in the hearing. Available for both iPhone and Android, Tinder has grown exponentially from the day it launched. Unlike other dating apps or websites, Tinder relies on matches purely based on location and looks.

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