Flow chart updating

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Create a Data Visualizer diagram

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If you select Delimited text, a Notepad page opens with Floww text. When either Excel or Notepad opens, use the sample text as an cbart of what kind of information to include, and type your information over what is there. The employee name and reports-to columns are required, but you can add or delete other columns. Exit either Excel or Notepad, and then complete the wizard. Change layout, change shapes, and insert pictures The Organization Chart templates add an Org Chart tab to the ribbon. Use the tools on this tab to make large changes to the way the diagram looks.

Chart updating Flow

The Layout and Arrange groups have tools for changing the layout and hierarchy of the shapes. When you select Create to enter the Create Diagram from Udpating wizard and after you enter values in the first page See Stage 4select Next or Back to display each page in the wizard. For more information, see Use the Create Diagram from Data wizard. Top of Page How Excel columns interact with Visio flowchart components Use the following image walkthrough to understand how each Excel column is used to create the Visio flowchart. This column is required, and each value in the Excel table must be unique and not be blank. This value does not appear on the flowchart.

A branching shape has two next steps and is represented by comma-separated numbers such as 4,5.

You can have more than two next steps. Updatint corresponds to 4 and No corresponds to 5 in the example. Microsoft recommends using the drop-down updatng to help validate your choices. This column only applies to a Cross Functional Flowchart diagram and is ignored by a Basic Flowchart diagram. Top of Page Use other stencils to create a Data Visualizer diagram Besides using the Data Visualizer templates, you can also use stencils from other templates when you create a Data Visualizer diagram. For example, create process diagrams for financial transactions or inventory management. You can even add custom shapes by using the My Shapes stencil.

For more information, see Create, save, and chaart custom stencils. Select Create to enter the Create Diagram from Data wizard and after you enter values in the updatign page, select Next until you display the Shape Mapping page in the wizard. Add one or more stencils using the More Shapes option. Select any shape and map it to the data values of your Shape Type column by dragging it. Top of Page Apply Data Graphics to your diagram You can ypdating your diagram Updatimg adding data graphics, which ypdating you visualize shape data on the updatiing.

In effect, you can turn your diagram into a process dashboard in which the data graphics display Key Performance Indicator KPI information using data graphics icons based on your shape data. Open the Data Visualizer diagram. Select the container for which you want to apply Data Graphics. Select the data graphic fields you want to add to your diagram. This accepts all default values that Visio fills in for the other pages of the wizard. As a result, the diagram is automatically created inside a container. Additional Visio pages are added depending on the size of the flow chart. It's a good idea to keep the Excel and Visio files in the same location because they work hand-in-hand.

Synchronizing the data and the diagram After you create a diagram with Data Visualizer, you may want to make changes to it. Visio supports bi-directional synchronization between the source data and the diagram. When you change the Excel data, refresh the diagram; when you change the diagram content, update the Excel data. To modify the data in Excel and then refresh the diagram Make changes to the source data in the Excel table.

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You can add, update, or delete rows. Save the Excel workbook. In Visio, click in the diagram container to enable the Data Tools Design tab in the ribbon, and then select Refresh Diagram. As a result, the changes you made in the Excel workbook are displayed in the Visio diagram. If you have made any changes to the diagram that may get lost after refreshing, Visio displays a Refresh Diagram Conflict dialog box. Refreshing only makes changes to the shapes and connections inside the container. Any formatting changes you make to the shapes or connectors inside the container are preserved. Keep all diagram shapes and connector lines inside the container. Any other objects on the page but outside the container are not affected.

For more information about containers, see Clarify the structure of diagrams by using containers and lists. You can add, update, or delete shapes and connectors. If the Excel workbook is on a desktop computer or network file server, make sure it is saved and closed. To avoid problems, use the following best practices: Save a backup of the Excel data before you overwrite changes. Show teams by using the Team Frame or dotted lines After you create an org chart, you can rearrange the information to reflect virtual team relationships. Move related shapes near each other, and then add dotted-line connectors to show secondary reporting structures.

Or highlight a virtual team with a Team Frame. Drag the Team Frame shape from the Shapes window onto the drawing, then use the sizing handles on the sides to make it include the individuals on the virtual team. Update an org chart that uses an external data source To reflect changes in the structure of an organization, you can refresh the chart data or update the org chart manually: Open either the new version or the older version of the organization chart. In the Compare Organization Data box, find the version you want to compare to.

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