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It is also advised that in future studies the compensatory swallowing laryngeao, which are consciously or unconsciously used by patients with glottal closure insufficiency, will be considered. Finally, incomplete larynfeal showed the highest incidence of laryngeal penetration-aspiration so that Epub Aug Laryngeal penetration during deglutition in normal subjects of various ages. This study investigated the incidence of laryngeal penetration and aspiration among 44 patients with glottal closure insufficiencies that were referred for voice and swallowing evaluation to our institution. The overall incidence of other patterns of GCI has been shown in Table 2.

It seems that sometimes liquid consistency can be highly specific in patients with pharyngeal dysphagia. Swallowing is a highly complex process.

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For example, in the incomplete closure pattern, the glottal gap area may be significantly larger than the posterior chink. We encountered three important issues in our study. Another important way to distinguish normal laryngeal penetration from disordered penetration is depth. For persons under 50, 7. Laryngeal penetration on videofluoroscopic swallowing study is associated with increased pneumonia in children.

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This study examined the frequency of penetration of liquid, paste, and masticated materials into the airway during videofluoroscopic studies of normal swallow in 98 normal subjects who were from 20 to 94 years of age. The inclusion criteria were as follows: Then, 3 oz water swallow test was performed for all the patients. Normal laryngeal penetration is not consistent, so if you are doing a swallow study with a patient and see laryngeal penetration consistently across trials, then that is more likely to be disordered compared to the patient who has only intermittent laryngeal penetration. Patients with incomplete closure pattern who undergo VFSS. There could be some possible explanations for it.

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