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The following post is an opinion piece. We invite constructive comments, as well as responses dor this and all our posts. Does MeToo perpetuate rape culture? At the beginning of Octoberboth The New York Times and The New Yorker published articles reporting allegations of sexual misconduct spanning many years committed by film mogul Harvey Weinstein against several women. MeToo is not the first of its kind. It harks back to the YesAllWomen movement of in response to the motives surrounding the Isla Vista killings, where even if not all men NotAllMen were misogynist, the hashtag claims that YesAllWomen suffer from misogyny.

The circumstances that gave rise to this hashtag MeToo persist.

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Unlike previous hashtags, there appears to be, in the downfall of Harvey Weinstein and its knock-on effect in Hollywood and beyond e. Despite those successes and despite the feeling of solidarity that many report in response to the increased visibility resulting from the MeToo hashtag, there have also been expressions of misgivings, doubt and criticism towards the campaign. The reasons are various: And whilst the campaign does give greater visibility to the widespread problem of sexual abuse and the culture that promotes it, it flattens them, like the women of Shilohinto nameless victims and views them only in relation to the men who have acted upon them. As someone reluctant to participate in MeToo, yet glad of the openness and the seeming shift in culture, I am intrigued by my own discomfort, part personal, part professional.

I work on articulating philosophical and theological accounts of vulnerability and the culture that gives rise to the silence around and acceptance of sexual abuse, as well as the belittling and covering up of incidents of harassment and sexual exploitation, strike me as indicative of failures to attend to widespread vulnerability. Furthermore, this perpetuation and acceptance of violence against vulnerable persons signify for me an especial failure to recognise first, vulnerability and secondly, responsibility towards vulnerable persons. Despite how the campaign alerts us to the widespread nature of harm in our culture, it too perpetuates a view of women who are defined by how they are acted upon.

At the heart of these images is the critique that what the MeToo campaign has done is to call on the many to abstract away their experiences into a whole, and to place responsibility on victims to step forward. The artists express feelings of re-victimisation, and of another hashtag, another call, but still no real change. The re-victimisation also perpetuates a view of womanhood where a woman is acted on, rather than focusing on what people must do to prevent this behaviour, and change the culture that permits this behaviour: Aside from insisting that women perform the emotional labour by participating in MeToo, the hashtag has shown the limitations of the culture in which we live, especially in the public sphere.

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But two young boys enjoy an afternoon with the pastor's attractive wife. By the time the show ends though, both siblings are so horny that she drags her brother back to her room and into her bed. So he decides to spy on them. She ends up helping a fledgling photographer understand what film can do - as she also finds out herself. By not condemning it they are implicitly condoning the beliefs, perceptions and activities that facilitate sexual violence. Hence, addressing such secondary victimization is one of the most appropriate and effective contributions that churches and faith-based organisations can make to support survivors of sexual violence and to challenge the rape-supportive discourses that sustain such violence.

As a means of examining the destructive impact of rape and the ways that rape trauma can be reinforced by subsequent responses of others, a hot tub scene in a popular Netflix series seems very remote from a dynastic battle in an ancient biblical narrative. Yet despite their markedly different geographical and historical locations, we can still discern shared tropes of sexual violence and re-traumatizing social responses to it within these two texts, suggesting that they have much more in common than might first appear. In particular, she was failed by the school counsellor Mr Porter when she turned to him in a last-ditch attempt to seek help.

Like David, though, Mr Porter if metaphorically closed the door on her. Of course, important differences as well as similarities exist between the two texts. We are given no details about how their experiences of sexual violence and their double abandonment affected them—physically, emotionally, or psychologically. Instead, the narrator chooses to focus on male perspectives: An intentional offering by David? What are his motivations for doing so? Why does his house need to be looked after? Is he concerned about protecting his property from looters, or from Absalom and his forces, or someone else altogether? Furthermore, how exactly would the ten women protect the household?

Did David assume that they had sufficient authority and influence, given their status as members of the royal court, to deter potential intruders, even Absalom himself? It is possible that David left other household staff soldiers or servants with the women to provide for their physical security. But if this is so, it receives no mention in the narrative. But the sense of their vulnerability—their aloneness—is accentuated in 2 Samuel Particularly in recent decades, the rape of civilians and military personnel by enemy combatants has rightly received increasing scrutiny and condemnation in both the media and in academic and political discussions around human rights during armed conflict. For example, during times of conflict, military leaders can use women as payment to reward their followers or bribe those whom they need to influence.

Perhaps he saw these women as an acceptable price to buy Absalom off, or to soften his anger, or even to distract him temporarily from pursuing his father.

Admittedly, this reading has to be tentative and there is a degree of speculation at Finnds. What was Courtney thinking?! On Cassette 2 Side B, Hannah and Courtney had collaborated to expose the school year book photographer, Tyler, who was stalking Hannah and taking photos of her. Hannah therefore hoped that she and Courtney could become friends. In the novel, Courtney and Bryce are already in the hot tub when Hannah arrives. Bryce invites Hannah to join them, and Courtney encourages her and offers to give Hannah a ride home afterwards.

For example, when Hannah initially joins Bryce and Courtney, she makes clear that she distrusts both of them: No matter what their original intentions, I knew them each well enough not to trust them for long.

And I fulfrod right not to trust them Asher Fidns fingers touch her thigh, she clenches her jaw and his fingers eluts away. When Clay hears this on slufs cassette, he comments: Courtney does not leave Hannah alone with Bryce until he fulfird begun sexually harassing Hannah. Shutting her eyes when she sees Bryce move next to Hannah and then leaving the hot tub may therefore be her way of giving them some privacy. Hannah describes how much Courtney wants to be popular, and Bryce is one of the most influential boys at the school.

Or perhaps Courtney is simply ingratiating herself with Bryce, by giving him iin opportunity to carry out an act raping Hannah that, deep down, she tulford he wants to commit. In fukford case, the abandonment might be more calculated and callous than first appears. To be sure, the fate of the concubines, and of Hannah, is the same —rape — whether the abandonment is intentional or not. Conclusion Throughout this post, I have argued that the 13 Reasons Why television series and the novel upon which it is based treat a number of themes that are important for understanding rape culture, including how the responses of others may both precipitate rape and also increase its impact and legacy for survivors.

Secondly, Hannah is raped by Bryce. Thirdly, after the rape, Hannah has an overwhelming sense of isolation and despair. It is this sense of second abandonment and not just the rape itself, which prompts her to take her life. First, they are physically abandoned when David and his household leave Jerusalem. Secondly, they are then raped by Absalom. Thirdly, when David returns to Jerusalem, he confines and abandons them again, leaving them to a life of social isolation, sequestered until death. Other people often compound and reinforce the damage by the responses that they make in the aftermath of rape.

These responses frequently leave survivors feeling rejected, isolated, and abandoned, rather than supported along a path towards recovery and healing. Recognising this failing in both David and Mr Porter helps to focus attention on the different ways that survivors can experience social harm from the negative or insensitive reactions of others, even when this might not be their intention. The social response to rape can make its impact even worse for those affected. While Bryce and Absalom are fully responsible for the act of sexual violence, the negative or thoughtless reactions and failures of support by others also need to be highlighted and challenged.

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