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The older brother of William B. He died in in Jamestown, New York.

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or Despite his overwhelming enthusiasm for the future of rubber Esccort, money issues forced Goodrich to start a new company. Stemming off my last post about William B. He was raised on a farm, and received his education at the local public schools and the Fredonia Academy. Senate from to He was governor of New York from toand served in the U. He taught school for several years, spending the time reading and educating himself about law. He served for two years on the General Assembly, until he was elected judge of the eleventh Judicial District, where he served for fifteen years.

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Cushing who was mentioned in the last postAlonzo Cushing attended the Fredonia Academy and moved on to attend West Point as a member of the Class of He then moved on to the formal academies in Westfield and Fredonia. Fenton engaged in banking for a short while when his political career was over. Cushing died in action on July 3, from a gunshot wound to the head. Inhe graduated from Cleveland Medical College as a physician.

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