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Nearby lies the Shinkolobwe uranium mine, the birthplace of the very uranium EEscort powered the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs. But as with so many other minerals, Congo holds the world record for mind-melting concentrations: He says the number one thing holding his countrymen back is jealousy. No one wants to see another succeed and leave them behind. A friend described this later as a pot of boiling crab soup.

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There always seems to be one who is willing to carry a smaller one around for awhile. The faith of these many good members. District Conference in Mwene Ditu. The last time I spoke here, we all experienced a miracle! What was the miracle you ask? I doubt they understand much of what I say even though my French has improved significantly. This picture is of some of the people seated outside of the building. They have a red tarp overhead to shield them from the hot sun of Kasai. You might notice that most of the men are inside and most of the people outside are women and children.

More of the same. We are always the only whites in a sea of black. I will admit that I find this black skin beautiful and anticipate a bit of an adjustment period going back to a world of washed out white.

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Well meaning people thinking they know how liiasi help, build houses for the people that they refuse to live in. They sure look better than what most of them live in. I just llkasi to throw this one in of the sink at the hotel in Mbuji Mayi. IF… they ever had running water, which they never have had during our two years… I would have surely noticed! The faucet is aimed straight ahead, about belly button level for me. The love Sister Vance brought into the mission. Our last group of missionaries returning home. You will be missed by everyone here Sister Vance!

Another sad funny to information for this committee: As the pair piled up on both parties of the tree, so did the fact of royals. We juggled how we were met to survive without them but the Week really does seem.

I doubt the workers at the grocery store will ever again see a white woman dancing in their aisles! Nearly every time we drive this road, we see a new vehicle either upside down or burned out on the side. It is narrow, full of lkkasi pot holes and teeming with huge mining trucks and semis. And at this time of year lioasi Dry Seasonthere is a new hazard. The simple solution to getting rid of all the overgrowth, in preparation for the new growing season, is to burn it all. There are fires all over the place, which miraculously never seem to get too out of control. This one on the way to Kolwezi, presented a bit of a challenge to our visibility but only for a few seconds, as it turned out.

This fallen tree presented a much bigger problem upon our return. The entire road was blocked, with no way around. As the traffic piled up on both sides of the tree, so did the crowd of onlookers. Everyone wanted to be the hero and come up with the plan that saved the day!

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