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Dream Heaven, Sukhumvit 33

Brain, it was rebroadcast and the bed was able enough. A lot of the oil effective parlors in the Phrong Phong bio represented on my map above have many.

She moved on the blow bangkoo, which was very good. I occasionally felt a tooth but it was never uncomfortable. She sucked and licked every part of msssage genitals, bareback. Her skill and pace was excellent and she sucked Drezm, rather than hard. After applying the condom she reclined backwards and spread her legs. I drank in the view of this gorgeous, tiny, naked girl without a gram of fat and then went at her. We fucked in five positions and she gave it her all in each one, not the least bit shy or inhibited, allowing for wonderful views. She fucked passionately and kissed a lot, and sometimes worked her clit or her breasts. Her pussy was tight, wet and silky.

Appearance, performance and energy, she had it all. One of the best lays of my life.

I felt at ease from the start and had a wonderful time with the girl I chose. The room was a disappointment, in all honesty, but the girl and her performance made up for that. You might say an A-grade girl in a D-grade room! Whatever, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will go back, and recommend you try it if you are not fussy about a well-appointed room. I felt like I had to take a massive shit. And my dick was having none of it as it went limp the whole time.

Heaven bangkok Dream massage

So prostate massages is not my thing. To each their own. Most of the shops along Sukhumvit 22 provide quickie services for a decent price. Check out their websites and explore the service menus. So staying at a hotel in this area and ordering up room service is easy. But of course I always recommend going to the shop just so you can check out the girls instead of relying on photos. These hotels also have no problem if you bring bar girls to your room as long as you take 1 at a time your hotel room. So if you go out to Soi Cowboy or Nana you can take a bar girl back to your room conveniently. Because in this part of Sukhumvit 22 there is a beer bar or beer garden of sorts with Thai freelancers you can invite back to your room for extracurricular activities.

During a 1 hour oil massage which I normally choose on the menu. Today, practically all happy ending massage shops require customers pay price of massage plus the price of a hand job or blow job or full service before the Thai massage girl takes you to the room. I typically visit one anytime between 5pm to 7pm. Because more girls, usually the more popular ones are there about that time. Depending on the shop there will be a mamasan or even one of the working girls assisting you. Then you are presented a menu with a list of services.

There may be a few girls mulling around waiting for customers, chatting on their phones or watching TV. I always recommend that you take a look at the available massage girls first, before you take a look at the massage service menu. They are not going to give you your money back. So here are the steps: Take a look at the girls first and pick the one you like Then take a look at the menu of services and choose one Pay the money and follow your Thai massage girl to the room At any happy ending massage parlors you go to the massage girl will lead you to the room where you get down and dirty. The rooms are usually small, except for the shops that double as spas.

I usually sit down all balls spread out like I own the place. And take a seat on the bed. They leave the room for a little while to retrieve a basket with soap, condom, tissues and what not.

Some take this time to use the toilet or have a cigarette before they work on your time. Where the magic happens. This was taken from one of the rooms inside Angel Massage… Some ladies will soap up their bodies and rub up and down on you. Or give you a BJ right in the shower. In Call or Out Call Service? In call service is the way to go. A strange urge made me cross over and I mysteriously made my way to Dream Heaven. There are always girls sitting outside of Teen and Dream and they were not the best lookers. But I took my chance at Dream anyways. I haven't been there for awhile. As I mentioned before, I'm usually a creature of habit and stick with my favorite spots, be it go go bars, pick up joints or massage shop.

But since I was having a good run on making detours I decided to take a risk and check out another oily massage shop instead. As I went inside Dream I was greeted by a cute dark skinned mamasan with a great bubbly personality. This was about 5pm so still early in the day. As soon as I sat down took a quick peek at the menu I decided to do the 1.

But ace ones with no reasonable pep. Favour for a mortal enemy, all began — about 5 photos to reach Soi 33 from Phrom Phong BTS, and another 5 months walk down the soi.

The 1 hour full service massage cost THB. You can check out their website's price list here. Here's a quick tip I never really mentioned on oily massage parlors. Madsage faced with deciding on a 1. It's quite rare that oil massage shop girls work the full 1. But in general you're not going to get the full time you paid for. You can bitch and moan and complain all you want but TIT This is Thailand and usually once guys get off they don't really complain afterwards once their pipes are cleared. Anyways, that's just my opinion.

Just trust me, save those few hundred bahts and go with the 1 hour.

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