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Recap: Lost Girl, S4, E1 In Memoriam

He primarily does it immediately. Bo devices up Finally we see Bo, who occasionally has been riding obscure Garden Beauty.

She says hhook knew as soon as she found this photo that it was her daughter. Dyson and Kenzi peer into her eye and see a dark spot. Hard proof that a Fae has been messing with her memory. Charm the waitress Hake waitress brings the bill, neer Aife gets out of paying by laying some succubus charm on her. Her reaction is the same as in episode 1: At the Dal, Kenzi and Trick Rick Howland are looking at some steam punk gadget that looks like a junior high science project model of the solar system. They talk about the fact that Trick thinks kenzl is messing with the balance of space and time.

He thinks its the Una Mens. Kenzi asks if that would do memory loss. She says she needs a bead on a local Fae who could cause amnesia. Trick goes into his Fae Rolodex and pulls out the name of Dr. Apparently only Bo is forgettable. Trick says Lauren abandoned the light Fae. She says Lauren is the only human ally she has. Trick says there are people looking for her. Trick looks at her like Gramps? She quickly corrects herself by calling him Trickster. The memory snatcher At Dr. When Kenzi realizes someone has been extracting her memory her first thought is that she could be famous — a Kardashian — and not even remember it. Dyson asks who could put the memory worm in both humans and Fae.

Trick says rumor is that Angorum Englerum? Bo tells everyone else to leave, but Hale just stays put and tells Kenzi to leave, and Kenzi stays put, too. I came here to rescue you! Ianka sings a death note to kill Marcus, and Kenzi recoils in pain. The woman he loves!!! Ianka kills Marcus, sacrificing herself in the process, and Bo cradles her as she dies. The scene fades out to Kenzi stretched out on a bench, Hale stroking her hair as she comes to. Hale tells her that Bo is fine and Marcus and Ianka are dead. The tight pants are still on, though.

Never and kenzi Do hook up hale

After the shocking death of Hale K. Collins in season fours 11th hour. Fans will be waiting to see who Bo ends up with: Theres still some friction between Hale and Kenzi Ksenia Solo who. You watched her walk out of the room, and knew it wasnt Hale when you heard the door open. Moving on to Vex, how much of his past as we learned it this episode could play into his future? I think it was that interesting theme, again, of how we see ourselves versus whom we can become. Meanwhile, Trick seemed to accept his appearance just fine before. How much should we read into their differences in opinion?

Tamsin has had two interesting encounters in flashback this season.

We balanced there were common to be a few hours, to be sure. Without this year, in general, seems to be more lanky on that bankrupt. You hanged her hand out of the top, and knew it wasnt Blank when you heard the independent open.

But the other thing we saw in the eighth episode is that Tamsin made a deal with hald pure evil to collect Bo, the girl whose eyes were both blue and brown and who is both virtuous and lustful. It speaks to, once again, people being pawns in their own story. So Rainer didn't hire her after all. If this isn't resolved by 4.

Probably won't be, since they are sweating over having a S5 and one of the "favoritest" things for shows on the bubble to do is to have a terrible awful cliffhanger. Moving on to Linda Hsle. She finally had a scene with Anna! Was the fight hlae you specifically wanted to write into this episode? Oh, per cent! I think Anna is such an incredible lead and such a good action heroine that it did feel like we had missed an opportunity [before]. And I know Anna really loves Linda and admires her, so it really was a gift to her.

But it worked for the story too. I really wanted to see those two warriors go at it and I really thought that scene was hilarious. Whoever is pulling the strings is starting to put the chess pieces on the chess board, and Bo is going to have to make some big decisions while not having all the information. Finally, any tips for fans trying to cope with losing Hale, considering that there is a week-long hiatus before this next episode? Write Showcase and tell them you want another 10 seasons.

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