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As a single guy, it sounds like there is not too much problem getting some action on the Thursdays? The smoking room with the glory hole thing was non-stop until about. After which the 3 girls came out to the big room and that side room emptied out. I have been to EW several times in the past but it has been getting worse in the sense that there was more waiting time between and fewer girls. Some places offers "Baderitual" or similar and have bath tubes for shared sessions. But if that buys some better experiences I guess it is a small price to pay. It depends on the girl and costs usually a small extra obolus.

Ssexchat Desi

You say it is continuous action in the middle Desu and also the side room with the slot? I also have a limited allowable time frame from approx 3 pm to 8 pm. I don't have the experience to gauge which ones were house girls, nor was I there during the afternoon. The first time I went it was more or less non-stop.

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