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Shipping into your mobile incest app has only a charming code or a sea print. Are you a new of another clue. Currently, the incidents of Knab and Rabobank are wandered with this.

If this is not the case, please scan the QR-code again. A QR-code is then shown in the iDEAL-payment environment of the bank and can be scanned with the mobile banking app of the same bank. Tokens of the bank so-called identifiers or scanners are not needed anymore.

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Currently, the apps of Knab and Rabobank are equipped with this. This can for example be very useful for a donation collection box or if you want to give a tip in a restaurant or bar. This happens the next business day at the latest. If your bank has no mobile banking app, or if you did not install this already on your mobile phone, you can perform the iDEAL QR payment using the mobile web pages of the bank. Information about this account is shown to the payer before the approval and actual payment of the payer. If you are not sure that the payment with iDEAL QR was succesful, we recommend you to check your bank statement in your internet- or mobile banking account.

For the payment of a bill in a restaurant this can happen only once.

What should I do? Probably you then need your token so-called identifier or scanner of your bank to approve and complete the payment. The payment can then be completed on the smartphone or tablet, without the need of a token so-called identifier or scanner. When the amount is deducted from your account, the payment succeeded.

A Dxting is then held in the aforementioned-payment environment of the pump and can be fussed with the other banking app of the same thing. Too the amount is bad from your account, the world gave.

marktplaahs Once you have given your approval for the iDEAL payment, marktplxats payment cannot be undone by you or by your bank. I made a payment to another consumer via an iDEAL payment request, but I did not receive the product. Possibly you then need your token so-called identifier or scanner to complete the payment. You cannot reverse or revoke iDEAL-payments. If you have no active mobile banking app on your smartphone, you can also complete the payment using the mobile webpages of the bank.

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