Dated best friend and broke up

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All the feels of dating and breaking up with your best friend

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We would go for coffee outside of class and frieend, we would call each other to talk about our days. There was no pressure with him. I could try on clothes in front of him and ask what he thought, without feeling even slightly self-conscious. We talked about it a little, both realizing we were spending so much time together, doing all of the things that people in a relationship do…that it was as though we had fallen into coupledom without even realiszing. And, for me at least, it was never a choice.

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There was never a moment where I had to decide if I wanted to risk our friendship bedt not, because I already had. And so that was it. At first, we took things really slowly. Everything felt very natural; it was never awkward transitioning from friends to being more than friends, and I thought that meant something.

Broke friend up Dated best and

For a few months, we basked in the realness of it all. We had this amazing relationship, the likes of which neither of us had ever had before. I was comfortable, completely myself, and I think I can easily say we were falling in love. But at some point, probably around the time that reality caught up with us, we both started missing our best friends. We spent less time doing exciting new things and more time staying in and watching Netflix just because that was easier. And along the road, we lost sight of all the things we first liked about each other when we were just friends.

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