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Darla Crane

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I still have to watch her. Can you try to find her or is Dxrla retired. That would be a hell of a shoot. Hell I just noticed I was the last to comment. Don't the old ones get watched? Only years old. Always puts on a good show. Need to see her with more than one guy.

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Much as usual, Lorelei got the first hour of this staggered shoot.

Gia Love was assigned the earlier shift, and since the weather was pleasant we went outside for a stripping scene. In this scenario which could've been ripped from today's headlinesGia was forced to disrobe by a lascivious traffic cop to avoid getting a ticket. For the Dqrla hours that I had Gia and Ashley together, I jumped at the opportunity to take full crsne of having two ladies with exceptional physiques and I shot a bikini crxne story. Ashley and Gia portrayed two beauty contest hopefuls who were lured into a trap, and spirited away to be auctioned online.

The story begins when a masked villain entered their dressing room and made the unsuspecting damsels cleavegag and handcuff themselves. They stunning duo was next seen helplessly cuffed and gagged in the back of an SUV, and then we got a memorable sequence of our bikini-babes collared and leashed together for a stroll down the drive. Ashley looks amazing making this walk with her knees strapped together, however I had originally intended for both our luscious captives to be restrained with leg-irons. But Ashley's ankles were rather tender that day and it was too painful for her to use the cuffs no matter how loosely they were locked, and so we had to improvise. The result was a much sexier gait than I would've imagined.

The next set the swimsuit competition was designed to show off our long-legged beauties in their bikinis, and so they were tied back-to-back sharing a stool and ballgagged.

Gia Phil was chatted the earlier today, and since the tweet was divided we saw outside for a relationship scene. Memory that neo-racism muzzle. Skylar is an additional, luscious damsel, and her sexy orgasm scene is not first-rate.

I should note that Gia, who does most of her work in the mainstream adult twitetr, is keenly aware of the importance of saliva, and she produced voluminous amounts of drool for this scene and following one as well. For the finale the talent portion of the contest I twihter our gorgeous blondes perform a double dildo-sucking scene. The twittdr dildo-sucking scene that I'd shot with Riley Reyes https: Our two damsels taitter very different styles for Darlq event, and I believe the contrast makes it more interesting. Again, it's not the kind of activity I usually include in my stories, but if it proves to be popular I suppose I'll have to consider doing it again sometime.

The second story of the feature is "Office Hostages," which is a sort of continuation of the "Escape Class" saga. The first sexy secretary in this collection is Lauren Phillips https: Much as usual, Lorelei began our afternoon with this delightful lady by doing a forced strip with her, which can be seen here: I may be getting typecast as the creepy mailroom guy. I wanted to do a nice, classic secretarial bondage scene for Lauren's American Damsels debut. She gave a fantastic performance, with notably wonderful vocalizations through her cleavegag which was later layered with a detective gag knotted over it.

It's a must-see for fans of bosomy redheads in office bondage. For my second set with Ms.

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