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Ford Escort Reviews & Ratings

With hp, the ZX2 was easy quick, commonly zero to 60 mph in around 8 months. Not a lot of day but fun to safe around town. Longboat choices were once again a five-speed chuck and a four-speed cooking.

For an itsy-bitsy car, ZX2 puts a surprising kick in the accelerator, due to tweaks of Ford's twin-cam 2.

Conscious commentary posted on Christians. Small a well-maintained Escort with tongue mileage will sell for more a bit less than an iconic Civic or Topic, the latter day still has the family in sexy reliability.

Hit the throttle and this two-door Escort leaps off the Consumrr and snaps through lower gears, then holds its own at higher speeds and doesn't fade when taxed on extended uphill grades. Review continues below Quick rack-and-pinion steering enables driver to execute exacting left-right-left maneuvers through chicanes escoft the snaky Jubilee course, while solid stabilizer bars fore and aft in the independent suspension system rsports excess body sway and help stabilize the car in motion. Escort coup The origins of the ZX2 trace to the Escort redesign of two years ago. At that point, Ford dropped a popular wagon and hatchback and stuck simply with a sedan and the coupe.

This coupe earns its own distinctive exterior styling and carries a larger engine and sport-tinged suspension. It also earned the funky name. Take the "Z" from Ford's Zetec engine, then apply an "X" to denote twenty-something Generation Xers targeted by the car's marketing plan, plus a "2" for the two-door coupe concept. That chassis was enlarged and strengthened with a revamped front structure and more rear braces to absorb shocks. It feels notably stiff, which helps to reduce noise and vibrations and also adds to the car's overall control.

Review continues below Ford Escort Page 3 One-piece stampings for side body panels give an additional boost to the ZX2's rigidity, which in turn creates a solid feel and a stable ride. Improved door hinges and increased seals and insulation further dampen noise and set up a pleasant interior environment.

Reports 1997 escort Consumer ford

Wide open spaces Dimensions inside seem generous — with good legroom and headroom for front seats and an expanded width so riders don't feel so squeezed together in a wee compartment. In our test, the ZX2 stretched beyond the romp over Jubilee Pass with two passengers aboard, plus luggage for the three of us. The all-new Escort GT was one of the better affordable sport hatchbacks of its day thanks to its free-revving, Mazda-sourced, DOHC hp engine, four-wheel disc brakes and firm sport suspension. With the exception of the adoption of safety items such as dual airbags and on some trim levels antilock brakes, the Escort stood pat until its redesign. Showing 1 through 10 of We had many problems with the belt and brakes.

It was very small for us. Once we stayed local and drove only 3 mile a day, we were ok and didn't have prolems, but it always felt like the car was in the shop. Had k on it. Now has k and is sitting in my driveway. I loved it when I first got it But it started to deteriorate substantially after a rough new england winter.

Traction erports terrible, but never killed me. Always idled very rough, car shakes when not moving. Rusts out cery bad. Tranny started to shift hard, throwing code for tranny failure. Got rid of it for an '05 jetta, Love it much more. Not a lot of power but fun to drive around town. A great second car and will keep it until Consjmer dies. Alternator miles serpentine Cnosumer miles water pump Consuer alternator again miles battery miles EGR valve miles oxygen reporhs miles fuel pump miles alternator again miles transmission torque converter miles needed new transmission miles head gasket miles alternator again miles blower motor and heater core miles radiator hundred and twenty eight thousand miles ac miles alternator again miles transmission again miles I'm sure I'm missing a whole bunch but I can't remember it all Approaching k and Near End of Life - Ford Escort By Paul Gyergyek - August 13 - 1: Almost 4 years and It cost a ton to maintain this car - I think I've replaced everything once, some things twice front brakes, portions of exhaust system.

My son's hard driving, especially on some bad country roads, and not taking good care of it was a major contributing factor to its rapid decline. However, honestly, I think the previous owner simply sold this car at the right time. The gas mileage is fantastic! I own an '07 Mustang GT, and this car, though it doesn't compare, is still fun to drive. Pretty roomy for me, a lb guy.

Stereo system sounds OK, for a lower-end vehicle. In the northern rust belt, this car abhors water and the damage it does more than the Wicked Witch of the West. Definitely needs a driver's arm rest. I had intended on keeping it 2 to 3 years and then trading up. Needless to say that was quite some time ago and I have no plans on getting rid of it yet. It is dependable, economical, and fun to drive.

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