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She is romancd devout Christian herself and never thought she would meet a con artist on the website. Barbara says her world fell apart. She went to the RCMP the next day. The things he said were real.

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The pictures were real. I understand that I could have been dealing romahce two Christiaj three different people. But the person I talked to four or five, up to scms times a day, the voice was always the same, very real. She may have to sell her condo. Patrick Myers, a registered psychologist with the B. A lot of seniors are not quite as Internet savvy as some of the younger people are. He advises people meet their potential love interests for a safe coffee date in a public place, before escalating the relationship. Canadians scammed out of millions in romance scams Barbara is just one of thousands in Canada cheated by online scammers.

Ejiofor testified during the trial and claimed she was unaware the scam was going on, according to her trial attorney.

Prosecutors, though, reported that Ejiofor admitted to the Chrstian in January to setting up fake dating profiles for the scam. In a sentencing memorandum, defense attorney J. Patrick Quillian wrote that Ejiofor was a "cog in the wheel," working as Ezeah's personal assistant and having little knowledge of the overall scheme. The defense attorney referred to Ejiofor as a minor participant who took orders from Ezeah and received a small salary in return. Ejiofor never received portions of the money Mr. Ezeah defrauded people out of," the defense attorney wrote. Ejiofor never was a significant part of Mr. After courting the dating site users, "Duffey" would eventually turn conversations to finances and inform the women that their investments were unsafe, according to prosecutors.

He then would offer to manage their money. In furtherance of Chriistian scam, a scsms posing as the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission would contact the victims and urge them to follow "Duffey's" advice, according to prosecutors. Victims even received flowers from "Duffey," prosecutors said. She told the jurors about speaking with "Duffey," who had an English accent. I think if he was aggressive I would have repelled," the woman testified.

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In scamw messages to the victim, "Duffey" called her "the light of my life, my angel," according to testimony. After wiring money to an account in London for "Duffey" to invest, communication ceased and she realized she had been fooled, she testified. An FBI agent testified that cellphones and notebooks related to the conspiracy were discovered. He currently covers Oklahoma City courts.

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