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The three billy goats Gruff, apparently brothers, starred in a popular pro-goat story by Hans Christian Andersen. Those names are based on an gi myth that nightjars sucked milk from goats at night. Some versions of his history recount his many adventures and his role in founding LJ. Goat-kind's destructive potential is fully and accurately realized. Goat quotes[ edit ] Famous statements about goats[ edit ] "If she fails us, we better get used to herding goats.

Gif Breast sucking

Believers, conversely, are referred to as "sheep. Daniel Bryanhas been derisively called a "goat" by many members of WWE's commentary team, due to his long, flowing hair and immeasurably manly beard. If you've smelt both them and goats, you'll understand why. Frank the Goat is mascot, casual programmer and occasional help desk employee at the popular journal site LiveJournal. A well-known story to all Chicagoans, although it gets a major eye-roll from White Sox fans.

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Suckimg is the female mythical goat from Norse religion that squirted life-giving drink for all inhabitants of Valhalla. Goats figure prominently in the so-called Monty Hall statistical suckig. At least one of his descendants, Clay Henry III, was also elected to the post and later subject of an assassination attempt. Goatbirds[ edit ] The nightjar, a species of bird, has the Linnaean name Caprimulgus, meaning "goatsucker" - which is also an old-fashioned English name for the European nightjar. Capricornus and Auriga pictured with a potato.

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