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On Sunday last, all three were not just standing tall, but tlorida grown in stature compared to the restricted dimensions afforded to them in the recording studio. Loud does not mean good. Unlike on record, she let loose a few times and nearly blew a path, Gandalf-like, through the crowd. Beach House were loud, but they were also a whole panoply of stuff which, as an old goth and shoegazer, tickled me as pink as the sleeve of Loveless.

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Live, the voice is spine tingling. The record represents a sound honed in on, crafted, and long considered, melancholic melodies floating alongside half-speed percussion and clean guitars notes. Without divagating too far away from their ethereal sway, the record builds upon their earlier releases, adding weight and an experimental edge to their distinguished and polished sound. More than once I looked towards the stage and felt I was in the Road House watching the house band, or even in the Red Room hearing secrets I could never understand.

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raldigh He rarely strums or bashes out power chords, but picks out notes to intertwine with on and keyboard. My big surprise last Sunday was that Beach House live are better than on record. On the night, just like his partner in chime! It is remarkable that more than three decades have passed since the post-punk explosion but someone like him can still pull a unique and recognisable combination of style of play and choice of effects out of the air — because it is true that he really does sound like no one else.

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