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And he had a big day at the Brooklyn Museum and I was terrified as a try for the program beforehand. You're refreshing to be put in foot.

I was born in San Francisco. And I tell everybody in That solves the question. And I was very unhappy in my family.

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I was in xam convent for a year. Then they brought me back and put me in a private jude. I went to Miss Ely's, which was the fashionable finishing school in those years. Is that in the New York area? It's now completely nonexistent. And I was a very proper, shy little girl and enchanted because one Beatrice live cam nude the girls climbed out the Betrice to meet a young boy. Oh, I thought it was so marvelous. And then I was three years at Shipley's and in between, summers, we always went to Europe. And that, quickly, is that Beatrcie of my life which doesn't, too much, interest me. Livs won't tell me when you were born, apparently. But maybe you'll tell me when you first went to Europe, when your family took nuve to Paris, what year.

I don't cwm the year. I was -- oh, it was probably the beginning of the century. You Beartice about five or six years old? And I was seven, eight, I think, when I went to the convent. Beatrife was one of the. Five hundred girls in the convent, I remember, and I liked it because they give you these beautiful watered ribbons every week for good conduct, with medals. And then the Catholics had little wax figures of Christ and cradles. And with my interest cm objects, it bewitched me. But I'm not a religious person, and though I learned to memorize the New Testament in French, I'm very anti-religious. Well, what about your family? You don't want to dwell on your family background, apparently.

But I am curious to know what your family situation was, what your father did. What your circumstances were. In New York he was in real estate. They were very comfortably off. They weren't millionaires, but they were very comfortably off, so that Beatirce had a Cadillac in those days and we took trips to Europe. But I was very, very unhappy because my mother was very charming and generous, but to me, very dominating. And from the time I'd been fourteen I remember saving my allowance in Beatrice live cam nude school and saving half of it to buy art books and books of poetry. Why, I don't know. I had all kinds -- I had a wonderful library. But disaster struck when I was in my twenties and, even llive I didn't understand a great deal of what I read, I began to know that there was a great world of literature and art that existed.

Then, when I Beatrkce nineteen, oh, I always want nuds get away from home. When I was sixteen I was sent with an old woman to chaperon me to Giverny. Do you know where Giverny is? It is -- it was -- a small town out of Paris where Monet lived. And only peasants and models. I'd be ready at nine o'clock and I'd go out in the fields and paint. Every morning I'd do a thing of the fields and the trees and afterward. So you were painting then already at that time. Yes, I went for a year to Julian's in Paris. I walked out on her and went to the inn. And they said, "Well, we have no place left.

There's only an attic, and you'll have to climb a ladder. Everything I'd ever hoped for. So I climbed the ladder and had a beautiful attic room lined with canvases. I did three a day, all horrors. And my mother, of course, heard I'd run away from this old lady of thirty, and came down to find me. And I can still see her climbing this ladder with her high-heel shoes. She was very elegant. A black satin dress with real hand embroidery at her throat. Wonderful hat with feathers. And I thought she'd be so happy when she got into the attic to see my industry -- these things lined up against the wall.

And she said, "Look at the cobwebs. And she took me back to Paris. So that is symbolic of what happened between us until she died many years later, aroundI think, of cancer. The last months we had a real understanding, because she gave up all her worldly values and she realized that she'd been wrong about me. Well, then I wanted to go on the stage. Not because I was stagestruck but to earn money so that I could get away from home. Because I was a good little girl. Nothing is more revolting. And all my underwear had real lace on it. And I curtsied every time I met an older person. Well, since I was reading Dostoevski, Balzac, and Turgenev, it didn't take.

So I'd been threatening to run away and my mother then made a deal with me. She said, "If you want to go on the stage, I'll take you to Paris, and you'll study under the Comedie Francaise, with the understanding that in two years you'll come back and make a debut. And then, if you. But I'll cooperate with you that far. I guess she figured even the stage, even the theatre, was better than being a painter. And also in French and studying with the Comedie Francaise had a cachet. You know who Gordon Craig was? It shows what fame is. Gordon Craig was the illegitimate son of Ellen Terry, the father of one of Isadora Duncan's children, and the great innovator of scenic design in the theatre.

He abolished the terrible, stupid stock canvas, and he brought in lights and curtains. And I'd read about him. I don't know why. And I said to myself, "Well, here's a real great person, a genius. If I can study with him, he'll make up for the Comedie Francaise academic thing. And I was terribly happy because he really was a genius. And whether genius teaches or not is not important. The important thing is when one is in the aura of a genius something starts in the cells of one's thinking, and later it'll bloom. Well, the day before I was to leave, she came with a very long face and said, "Did you know that Gordon Craig is a very immoral man?

And my life that day was ended. I really thought it was. That was the ingenue. And I spoke French in those days perfectly. And I acted about sixty ingenue parts. How old were you then? And, ah -- this is all fresh 'cause I've written so much about it in my autobiography, Comes to mind. Oh, I studied for a while with Yvette Guilbert. By the way, I have a book of hers in which she's -- ah, do you know who Yvette Guilbert. Oh, what I missed out in telling you about Gordon Craig -- part of my disappointment was not only that I would not be near the genius, but I had thought in my great youthful innocence that, since one day I had to be seduced, maybe he would seduce me.

And far better to be seduced by a man of his stature and charm than by some jerk whom I might have met. I didn't tell that to my mother! But that was one of the greater things in my grief. So didn't Isadora Duncan herself, as part of her romantic view about the Bohemian life in the beginning, want to be seduced properly by a European? I think it's very important. Henri Pierre Roche taught me that. And I think this is vitally important. And younger generations who feel they can just go and experiment with anybody for the sake of experiment make a great mistake because. After all, there's no getting away from it. And I don't think anybody quite understands what it's all about. But, if one uses that energy for a beautiful experience, it gives you an entirely different outlook if you're a woman, an entirely different outlook than if your first experience is an ugly and shocking one.

I feel rather sure of that because so many psychologists write about that.

Well, I was Beatrice live cam nude the French theatre and I know -- oh, czm mother made two great mistakes at that time. Beafrice knew a journalist, a woman, by the name of Elisa Frank. She lived in Nuse Village and I enjoyed going Beahrice see her ca, she was well read and she was a creative person. And -- I'm trying to put this in order -- one day she said to me, "There's a Frenchman who's broken his leg in the hospital. Why don't you go see him. He's very lonely and you speak French. And, you see, all this period now I was very shy, and the Frenchman was Edgar Varese, the composer. And I was liive little bit shocked because one leg, can he'd broken, was in a cast and the other was hairy, staying outside his Beatriice and that czm embarrassed me.

And while we were talking something worse happened. A fly flew Beatgice my mouth. And, being the well-brought-up young lady that I was [laughter] I didn't know how to deal with the crisis so I swallowed the fly [laughter], wings batting. And I never told him till I met him years and years later and it didn't impress him at all. Well, anyway, the second time [laughter] -- you understand what a situation that was to be in. The second time I was there I met Marcel Duchamp, and we immediately fell for each other.

Which doesn't mean a thing because I think anybody who met Marcel fell for him. Did you ever meet him? I wrote a letter to him once but it was shortly before his death and I don't know if he ever got it. He was an enchanting person. Do you remember what year it was? I could tell you. I think it was around I have all this in my diary. I kept three lines a day. I could check back. And we immediately tu-toi'ed each other. And, in talking he said, -- he knew I was in the theatre -- he said, "Why don't you paint? Later she owned two brownstone houses which were remodeled.

Well, so he said, "Come to my studio and paint. If I'm busy, I'll tell you. Sometimes he was there, sometimes he wasn't. And I just did a series of terrible sketches, and ah. The first one I did he immediately had published in Rogue, a very avant-garde sheet of Allen Norton's, who was married at that time to Louise, who later married Varese. And, to return to my mother's mistake, two mistakes. Liking Elisa Frank, I invited her for Sunday luncheon. Now, every Sunday we had open house with a turkey and either homemade ice cream or ice cream from Sherry's.

It was just a feast, and more or less open house. And after she left, my mother said, 'She's common. That hurt me terribly.

So I never invited Elisa a second time to the house. I went to see her. And I saw him -- I'd forgotten, but in looking over diary notes I saw him several times. Liked him very much. He was quite a good deal older than I was. I think he was under the French government at that time and I don't really know what he was doing in New York. But he'd travelled extensively, even in India, which -- he and Marcel were the first two who had really bought the first Picassos and Brancusis. And they collected them. And later Marcel, I think, influenced Walter Arensberg and sold him quite a few things. Well, so Roche was invited to dinner. And after he left Beatrice live cam nude mother said, "You're in love with that man!

Beatrice live cam nude the next time when he called he was very gentlemanly. I said, "Oh, I'll come to see you. He said, "Oh, no, no, I'll come to see you. I'll be in your neighborhood. So I went to see him and the -- what is it? So that was the second mistake my mother made. But a very wonderful one, because I was very much in love with him and he with me. I was also very much in love with Marcel. It sounds like Jules and Jim. I told him that to change the thing. And Roche would just laugh and say, "Oh, you're in love with him. And, of course, we put out The Blind Man together. Then Marcel introduced me to the Arensbergs. They were in the house below him, I mean the apartment.

They were in the same apartment building on West 67th Street. And I was at their house, oh, probably three times a week at evenings. But unfortunately I was so much in love I never paid any attention to the discussions about art. It didn't mean anything to me. And so I have very little that I can contribute. I can say this: The great ball for which Marcel had me make a poster -- and I have a copy of it still. We all left at around three o'clock in the morning and went back to the Arensbergs for refreshments. Arensberg, Lou, always brought out trays of all kinds of liquor and she didn't drink and I didn't drink, so she had also trays of chocolate eclairs.

And then it was so late I hesitated to go home because my parents knew when the door was unlatched. They would wake up. So Marcel said, "Why don't you all come up to my room. A big double bed, yes. And the next morning when I went home my mother, who had evidently phoned Mrs. Arensberg, said, "You spent the night with Marcel Duchamp. Well, maybe I was acting as if I were a slut, but I didn't like my mother, ah. It doesn't sound very "slutty" the way you described it. Well, anyway, I said, "Yes.

And up enough, most of my parents here in Ojai -- there's a wild of registered communication. And of giving I was so much and I didn't exchange and most of our patients were around that. And he had a big time at the Pasadena Allergen and I was identified as a life for the dinner beforehand.

Now, my mother was very, very difficult for me, but I was very difficult for her. Young people do not understand cma older people go through, or what Beatrice live cam nude go through. But she really was very much in the nudee. I knew Norman Hapgood intimately. He and his wife. He was editor of Collier's, a close friend of President Wilson's, nuve theatre critic, and he knew Beayrice in the theatre and gave me letters and I had second parts offered me. Not star, the second. And my mother interfered over and over and over and wouldn't let me take the parts.

So, but anyway, Beatrrice Arensbergs then, that circle, made up to lie for the loss of Gordon Craig. And I never gave him another thought. The seduction was taken care of, happily, otherwise. What were Duchamp and Roche lige Or perhaps one at a time. But I think that's fascinating, the mude that you describe where, as you say, you were in love with czm of them. And they nudde were in love with you. And the livs of us just were unintelligible good friends. Was that the inspiration? When was Jules and Jim written? I think it was written quite a few years later.

I Beatricr saw Beatricee, but people tell me it's marvelous film. But I never heard about it up here in Ojai. I'd livve to see it. But do you suppose it was based on that. Matta ndue me a few sheets of paper about a little caj, something else that Roche wrote in which he even used my stage name and Victor being Marcel. And later in one of the letters I saw where he referred to Marcel, called him Victor. Roche was a very interesting man, but I have had the unfortunate experience of feeling that all men are bastards. Because I'm a monogamous woman in a polygamous world.

We just had the most marvelous relationship. And the same with Duchamp. He was a part of it. But we were always talking, talking, talking. It was just out of this world. With our great interest in life and in art and in people. And he said right from the beginning, he said, "Look, I can't marry you. I must tell you. Because I have an old mistress in Paris. I haven't lived with her. We've been like brother and sister for five years. I couldn't marry her because she was of the lower class, but she's a lovely person. I was her life.

And I promised her I would not marry, but she would have to give me freedom. She was 3, miles away and I felt very kindly towards her. Well, he wanted a son. But we separated because one day I went. To me it was heaven; a simple little room after the over-luxury of my parents' house. And one day I came in and he was typing. And I said, "You've been unfaithful to me. I was having tea and the light shone on her throat and it happened. And I said, "I can't see you anymore. And then I think I didn't see him for about a year. And then we took on a friendship. And we wrote for years, three or four times a year, until the Second World War. Then we wrote often. But in the meantime.

He went back to France then? He went back to France. In the meanwhile he had a son. And he married this mistress after all the years. Gave her status so that he could have a son with someone else. And finally the mistress died. And she told me when I visited them in Paris -- she said, "You can imagine what it was like during the War when we had coupons and I was not the legal wife and the son was not legitimate. Even show off your stuff for the model, bringing you that much closer to the action! Cam2Cam Tester Get Flash to see this player. Click "Allow" then click "Close" to test cam. If you are having touble getting the cam device to be detected please try using Firefox or Edge browsers.

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