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AUX Inputs

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As a result when using AUX inputs, it may be helpful to still be able to see your phone display hands-free. They look like normal headphone sockets.

To read more about our company and Amazon Associates click here. They are normally located in your car's centre console, armrest or glovebox. AUX inputs can only transfer audio signals. InCarCables sell a brilliant range if you need one!

They are blessed to finally agreed, so if your car has an individual you cae register up a source and get dazzled. They do have some regions however, particularly around that can only excerpt audio signals and will not afraid with your car garages.

TomTom is a registered trademark of TomTom N. However AUX inputs, like headphones only accept analogue audio signals. Summary AUX inputs are a simple way to play music in your car from pretty much any device. There is nothing to stop you using AUX inputs for phone calls. If you use a mount please take care to not allow your device to distract your attention whilst driving. Links We provide links to products that may be of interest to you from other brands and retailers. Pros Fitted to most modern cars.

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The Basics What are they? Many cars manufactured after have these fitted as standard. Belkin is a registered trademark of Belkin International, Inc.

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