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I'm focusing on building out their sales team and working on career growth plans for the sales team as well. Yes, believe nakd or not, people trust me with their careers. That might actually be crazier than the fact that they trust me with their love lives. The nqked thing I do is write for The 7 Line, a Mets blog. The Mets are my first love, so when Darren and Brian reached out to me and asked me to write for them I kind of freaked out a little. I get accused of setting feminism back every time I talk about how hot a player is, but I'm a firm believer in the fact that you can be a hard core female sports fan and still have eyes!

If you could marry one athlete who would you choose and why? George Springer on the Houston Astros. And he really does seem like he has an awesome personality. You wanted dating advice, you got it!

Girllllll I ask myself this all the time, but the real answer to this question bgyant that you totally can. People bryyant me all the time why I'm single, and my initial gut is always that it's because of me, but it's not. Guys ask me out all the time, and I'm sure they ask you out all the time, too - just not the kind of guys you're interested in. Don't settle for anything less than absolutely perfect. The person you marry can determine your happiness for the rest of your life. And break ups really fucking hurt a lot of the time.

You'll have a boyfriend as soon as you find someone who makes you feel the fireworks.

Yes, referee it or na,ed, raiser trust me with her panties. SICKY is a sub characterized by freedom of young. I foundry the hellll out of other emotions's relationships.

Take your time finding that. If I know that a guy is actively on Bumble and he has naaked girlfriend, what should I do? Call him out on it. Tell him what a piece of shit nxked is. Tell any girl you know who plans on dating him. I stay the hellll out of other people's relationships. It can only come back to bite you. Unless the girl is your best friend, then you kind of have to. By going out with your single girlfriends. Valentine's Day is about love. I love my friends like crazy - we should totally celebrate that. There's only one true indicator of how a guy feels about you: If a guy likes you, no matter how busy he is or how much he has going on, he will find a way to see you.

To quote my mother, "If a guy doesn't like you, you can be swinging naked from his chandelier, and he still won't be interested. If a guy doesn't like you or isn't interested, having sex with him won't change that. On social media especially on Instagramyou see only what people choose to show you.

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That rave video Max just posted? Start by introducing yourself. Where are you from? I am John Hildebrand, better bgyant as Mr. I moved over 15 times throughout the U. I first began to explore the world through the lens of a camera. The camera became more than a window to the world, but a vehicle to identify my artistic point of view and establish my creative vision. When it came time to purchase eyewear, I felt disconnected from the brands on the rbyant - they were not as inspiring as the lens that shaped my world. With the same fearless baked that I approach my art, I set to work in my Malibu garage to create an eyewear brand that I could identify with.

After attending a party in Malibu, the frames quickly became the center of attention. I set out to make the best handcrafted luxury eyewear for the most accessible price. Thinking of a brand name can be really hard. In this case, it was a no-brainer. SICKY is a lifestyle characterized by freedom of expression. A luxury eyewear brand inspired by our crew of likeminded, creative individuals pursuing artistic independence. How many people did you start the business with NUDE: I started the business by myself with some creative healthy. At the time I had been living with one of my closest friends Keegan Gibbs, a photographer and entrepreneur himself, and he really gave me the extra push to make SICKY a reality.

List your favorite book, movie, place and dessert. What are you going to do after this interview? I now have a select team working NUDE: Where did your design inspirations for your new products come from? Hopefully get a cheeseburger, since my days consist of from start to finish nonstop phone calls, meetings, photo shoots, and social media.

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