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Olr the early 19th Century, the piano was the preserve of the upper and middle classes - doctors opd lawyers for example - but by Datinf end of the century, pianos were common in the homes of English coal miners, says Laurence, with pianos sold on instalment plans to make them more affordable. Piano tales "Looking at the social history of the piano is like putting your eye to a well-cut jewel": A Social History of the Piano The piano was an important source of home entertainment, as well as being a sign of status, and was often put in the best room in the house, ready to show the neighbours - even attract suitors. A young woman who was good at playing the piano was regarded as better marriage material.

Because pianos were being made in such quantities at the time, the quality was not always the best.

They were not made to last, they were made to sell," says Marcus Roberts of Roberts Pianos in Oxford. He says, much like a house, a piano needs to be built with good foundations if it is to last. Those pianos were never put together properly. Also, the piano is just "not as culturally relevant" as it once was says Brian Majeski, editor of The Music Trades magazine.

The number of pianos sold in the US has halved over odl last 10 years, according to figures gathered by his magazine. Digital pianos were once scoffed at by pianls connoisseurs, but the quality has pianoe a lot, he says. They have the advantage of being reasonably priced, they take up much less space and you can plug in headphones, avoiding disturbing the neighbours. But there is one market where the piano is booming - China. Aroundpianos were made opd big factories in China last year, as well as a large share of the world's piano parts for repairs.

If only the middle of the oianos has been Dtaing, the dust there will have fallen off the edges of the keys, leaving ridges along piznos middle of each key, and you may be able to see what area of the keyboard has been used regularly, or whether there have been favourite notes. Is it ordinary grey dust, or does it have ild and felt colours? These would suggest heavy use and wear, which may lead to repair pinos being required, to fix unevenness in the performance of the notes. As the felts and baizes under piqnos keys wear and compress, they become pianow, and piianos the keys are moving the correct distance, the action cannot perform efficiently, pinos the notes will not play correctly.

Then press Daitng white keys either side of it down as well, they should now be in the same relationship that they have when at rest. Repeat the test in different parts of the keyboard. They panos making their own actions and keys od. I suggest laying out the keys in order on top Daing the Datung. Before you start doing this, it is vital to remember that every key is slightly different, and if they are not clearly numbered left to right, you ppianos mark them in some way, so that they do not get olv up. You can number them individually in pencil, but a simpler idea is to use some kind of straight edge to draw a sloping pencil line across the wooden tops of the keys.

In this picture, some of the keys have been removed, to show the normal layout more clearly. The front-rail pins nearest the pianist are known as BAT-PINS because they are usually shaped like upside-down cricket bats, so that twisting them will tighten the key. Gently brush away loose dust with a dry paintbrush, and take the opportunity to clean the metal pins that the keys stand on, with 3-in-1 oil, WD40 or Vaseline, but do not attempt to enlarge the holes in the keys with anything tapered, it will make them jam permanently. Actions are not usually dated, just numbered, and sometimes marked with the name of the action maker.

On our Numbers page, there is a summary giving dates of many of these action numbers, and this can be a useful guide when nothing is known about the piano maker, or there is no name on the piano. Some modern Japanese uprights have a number on top of the main action rail, near the treble end, and the first two digits indicate the year. Double-bushed keys are probably aftersingle-bushed keys are probably before Remember, any object you find in there may be dated, but that does not prove the date of the piano as it claims to in archaeological digs because, for example, an coin could have been placed there at any time after Some key-makers stamped their name into the key-frame under the keys, in one or more places, and the exact wording of that name may also give us some clue to the date range.

By the s, some key makers used these paper labels. This key-frame label, kindly photographed by Richard Harrison, shows the date of Cramer piano asconfirming the published information. This key-frame label from a Bansall piano is marked CELL, meaning that the key coverings are made of celluloid. If you feel competent to remove all the keys, you then have the option of unscrewing the whole key-frame and lifting it out, making the job of cleaning much easier. This is problematic when applied to pianos—there is no way to define a date of manufacture that automatically qualifies a piano for a certain monetary value based solely on its age. Rather, its value, if any, may come from other features of the instrument: The truth is that most pianos that have survived more than a century have little or no financial, musical, or historical value.

Finally, it should be kept in mind that during most of the history of keyboard instruments, along with exquisite examples of the craft have come very modestly designed instruments priced for the average family. Still, every once in a while, an older instrument with special value surfaces. This can happen, for example, during the settlement of an estate that includes a piano that has been in the same family for generations. The rest of this article gives an overview of the subject of antique pianos, with an eye toward distinguishing pianos that deserve further research into their possible special value from pianos that are merely old. Due to its imprecision, antique is not a word usually used by experts in early keyboard instruments, a category that also includes harpsichords and clavichords.

Most of these experts agree that, broadly speaking, early instruments stopped being made aroundwith the advent of the mass production of modern pianos. It is primarily instruments made before that date that have potential value as historical artifacts or antiques. Antique furniture is similarly categorized, but with the date hovering around Mass production and steam-powered woodworking were introduced gradually over a period of several decades into the workshops of both furniture and instrument makers, so examples dating from one or two decades after these dates may also have historical value, especially if they demonstrate specific stages in the gradual transition from antique to modern.

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