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Vanessa Bryant fixed to be paneled for this article. Many more after Surgery and London housed their exquisite at her 18th century cam, court records show, the Laines unpacked bankruptcy papers.

Bryant admitted to the adultery at the time, but denied the rape bikinuaccording to CNN's reporting. The criminal sexual assault charge was dropped in and the accuser agreed to settle her civil lawsuit. The terms of the settlement have not been disclosed. And now, he's an Oscar winner.

Some on Twitter celebrated Bryant for breaking grounds and crossing over from sports to filmmaking. But many tweeted about the rape allegations instead. Ok, got it," ValerieGBowman tweeted. So in the era of metoo the Academy is going to give Kobe Bryant, an accused rapist, an Oscar? Jimmy Kimmel is a joke and should be taken off TV.

Additionally she has made us with Bryant, her trying public comment has been a limited statement bikibi after the new charge. In optimist crest, she changed her name. As they did, friends said, a man with a camcorder concealed, saying he was edible for girls to be in compliance rules.

They cheer for Kobe Bbikini who settled out of court for sexual misconduct but silent when Oldemen thanks America and shows appreciation. HollywoodKlbe people make bikinii sick! Talk about Hollywood hypocrisy," another viewer pointed out. So people are upset because Gary Oldman wins and he may have hit his wife with a telephone but Kobe Bryant gets an Oscar and he may have raped someone? But lately, as her once-idealized husband has gone from trial to tribulation -- sexual assault charges in Colorado, admissions of infidelity, lost coaches, lost teammates, lost games, lost fans, claims of wife-poaching "Vanessa-gate," Sports Illustrated called the ugly exchange that preceded Karl Malone 's retirement from professional basketball -- that influence is in the spotlight.

Tabloids speculate about her.

Her appearance at the news conference in which Bryant denied raping a Colorado hotel employee became stock TV footage and a "Saturday Night Live" skit. Behavior that Kohe be dismissed as a search for identity in another young adult has been scrutinized in her case by a public bikibi to noticing NBA wives only when they wave from parades or appear on behalf of charity. When her husband confirmed rumors that he'd accused ex-teammate Malone of making a pass at her in November, debate raged on talk radio and Internet message boards. Supporters lauded her for bucking the NBA's tolerance for tomcatting. Insiders called her a pawn, saying she'd given Malone's handlers ammunition to generate last-ditch buzz about an injured year-old free agent.

Critics called her a drama queen who would risk a multimillion-dollar franchise for a chance to make her husband prove he loved her. The impression was of a helpmate who, by NBA standards, wasn't, ahem, helping. It was not ever thus, say people who knew her in the stucco-and-cinderblock heart of Orange County where she grew up. Vanessa Bryant refused to be interviewed for this article. Though she has made appearances with Bryant, her sole public comment has been a written statement issued after the rape charge.

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Relatives describe a family-oriented girl whose sudden wealth estranged her from her relations. Old friends say she rarely calls, and when she does, she won't discuss her new life. New friends -- entertainment people and friends of her Kobe bryant wife bikini -- call her a "spitfire" and a "wonderful person" and marvel at her decision to raise her child without a nanny. They also remark on her guarded demeanor. Orange County shopkeepers struggle to reconcile the one-time salesgirl with the notoriously tough customer they see. The challenges have intensified, they say, in the stressful months since Colorado.

Stories of public confrontations between her and those who offend her -- Laker fans, wedding guests, a shoe-store manager -- have proliferated. So have tales about her demands on her 6-foot-6 husband, who called her "the strongest person I know" and reportedly married her without a prenuptial agreement: Her defenders have a different take. Watching her at Laker games -- chattering on her phone, fixing her hair, giggling with her bodyguard or baby -- they see young adulthood, unremarkable except the extent to which it's been magnified by money and fame.

Vanessa was 8 and her sister, Sophie, was Their mother was a shipping clerk at an electronics firm where Laine, eight years her junior, was a middle manager. Vanessa's mother and birth father divorced when she was a baby, after which the father moved to Baja, Mexico, according to Vanessa's lawyer. Stephen Laine said that when he met Sofia Urbieta, she was a single mother living in her sister's spare room. After their marriage, Vanessa began using Laine's surname instead of Cornejo, her birth father's. In high school, she changed her name.

Eventually, the family bought a four-bedroom home in Garden Grove. They used Laine's father's Huntington Beach address to get Vanessa into his alma mater, Marina High School, where she could attend class with Laine's nieces, Laila and Sasha, with whom she was close. Now, the Laine family says, Vanessa scarcely speaks to them after a bitter divorce between her mother and stepfather. Her cousins saw her as the plucky one. In Augustshe struck out on a path toward her future husband at a concert at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre.

She was heading into her senior year and her parents had let her attend with a close friend whose Jordanian-born parents also were protective. As they exited, friends said, a man with a camcorder approached, saying he was looking for girls to be in music videos.

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