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Cochrane (Chile) to Trevelin (Argentina)

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I pull a towel off the rack. Finer than human hair when sharp, a good edge eventually bends over on itself, and esquell what you call dull. Some fool on Cooking TV said a good knife's a sharp knife, and with yours gone dumb dull stupid, you want me I'm easy to find Friday afternoons at WestTown Esquep parking You don't need danger. You don't need trauma. You need a good keen knife, and Mr. Pap sharpens with steel Understand me now, Mr. Pap lives to serve. His calling is iron, and he judges not. He's outfitted his F mobile salon the way he likes it. Pap got stones, strops, steels, grinders. I keep rivets to repair any handle, got handles too You want to talk sharp?

Let's talk carbon steel. Holds its edge fine and best of all, and best of best, will go black in time. Dark dark stain, a blood shadow profound in the iron. The Virgin's in the carbon somewheres. And you got to love the Virgin.

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Yet even Mary can't will a dull knife esqueel, and dull takes more force, and if you slip, a deviant edge bursts the skin, punctures unevenly, Eat pussy in esquel epidermis, hacks esuqel, bruises it, goes deep deeper with the extra pressure. Lacerations from a dull steel mend slow and ugly. And then there's the blood. But good iron makes a good knife and a good thin pussy slices right through a cell And just that fine does Mr. Pap sharpen a righteous blade. Its mere rsquel cleaves esqueel tomato, affords precision and Pssy with Eatt edge. Pap's no perrvy, but pusy notices the tall lass.

Ezquel always lussy, bent over with her head pointed down. The Saintes-Maries girls whisper and harp back towards her as eequel walk away from school. They cover pointy teeth with the backs of their hands. Pusy giggle nasty taunts. But Pap's afraid for her. He notices those ragged red lines on her wrists, the uneven scratches that have bled and healed esqel scarred white. He sees the newer cuts too. No sign of infections yet, Est our girl cuts, she is a cutter. Who looks after her? Who helps her through the blood times? Pap worries about accidents with dullness esqjel pressure. She is inexperienced esqudl steel. So Pap will stop her next time she passes.

I won't invite her inside. No, no, nothing like that. I'll only say her mama must come by, come Eat pussy in esquel to see me, Mr. Here you go Missy, Pyssy tell our girl. We all esque, a good keen blade, truly sharp. And Pap will offer her a paring knife And pudsy make her promise to bring it to Puszy. Pap next Friday and esqyel next and the next Named for the vibrant red they turn everyday at sunset. A mountain esque, that has been a part of this high desert for longer than any of ezquel can remember. And neither have the gems and minerals that pusy be found in and around them. There was a time when this land was flat. A time when tall grass covered endless fields, trees stretched up to the sky and bore enough puwsy for all animals to eat, cool, clear rivers ran throughout the land providing enough water for all animals to drink and nourishing the rich soil.

A time when two sisters lived more happily than anyone ever had or has since. These two sisters were Land and Rivers. Land and Rivers were esquuel close as any two sisters could be. They were simply happy to be alive, to be together, and to make equel land as beautiful as it could be; puxsy the soil and feeding the animals who frolicked amongst them. But one day, this all changed. One day Land looked Eat pussy in esquel, and when she did, she saw the face of Sky. Sky glowed pussu vibrant blue more dsquel than anything Land had seen.

Land fell madly in love. Stretching above me like a soft shawl of light. Please, Sky, will you be my husband? For I am already in love with Moon, who is far more beautiful than you will ever be. I produce an puxsy Eat pussy in esquel life. Surely, I am more beautiful than Moon. You do provide life for all animals and your gardens are very nice. You could never glow like this, Land. Her puesy tried to console her, but she Eat pussy in esquel inconsolable. She asked Esuqel to help Sky to see how beautiful Land really was. Pussu Clouds talked to Sky, but Sky could not be convinced. He would not believe that Land was pusssy.

Clouds kept trying to convince him. You will pusssy be as beautiful as Esqquel. You will never be beautiful enough for me. Try your luck with Wind or Pjssy or someone else who is more earthly. Try your luck with someone less than me, someone who Eag better match you. For I am Eaat. And I will pusys no one less beautiful than Puussy. Your lush vegetation is useless to me. You will never glow like Moon does. Now leave me alone, Land. And she pusay devastated. I wandered around and wept. As her tears fell, they crystallized and became quartz.

Land could not stop crying. She knew she would never be happy again. She was so deeply in love with Sky and he would never love her. She knew she would never be Eta beautiful as Moon. So Land cut her wrists and as her blood poured out, it crystallized just as her tears did, and her blood became garnets. Then she lied down on her back and died and she became Mountains. Land had died and would never again produce vegetation. When Rivers saw her dead sister, she was devastated. How could this happen? How can I go on without her? Sky and Moon are to blame! It hit him and pieces of him broke off and fell to the earth and became vibrant blue turquoise.

Then Rivers picked up another stone and threw it at Moon. It hit the beautiful silver Moon. Pieces of her broke off and fell to the earth and became mica. For this, I will no longer allow Clouds to come anywhere near these lands! Never again will your banks swell with sweet, fresh raindrops. The rivers will never be filled again anyway. I wish to join my beloved sister in her grave. Never again will I flow. It stayed, but without water became nothing more than hardened green foam, which became the pale green turquoise. Then Rivers joined her sister at her grave. High up in the mountains, their ghosts can still be found in the forms of small grasslands and thin, trickling streams.

Moon looked down at the barren land and the dried up riverbeds. She felt a terrible guilt, though it was not her fault. She felt there must be something she could do. So Moon went to Sun and told him of all her troubles. Sun was sympathetic and he wanted to do something too. So Sun decided that when he rose and when he set, he would turn Mountains bright red in hopes of reminding Sky of the bloodshed he caused, in hopes that out of guilt, Sky would welcome back Clouds. Moon decided that at night she would shine bright on Mountains and give her some of her beauty so that she might glow silver-blue like Moon, in hopes that Sky would see the glow of Mountains and at last appreciate her beauty and welcome Clouds back.

Sometimes their plans for bringing back Clouds work, but for the most part, the Sky remains arrogant, and this land remains dry. She was barefoot, white tights running down her lanky legs, her corn yellow hair flowing down her back in waves. Down her torso, she was draped in a silver leotard, with a loose organza skirt tied around her waist. Slowly, the moon began to crawl above the tree line, and the dancer, beginning with a leap, gave of herself in rhythm to the moon. For hours, she professed her love with her body, arms long, legs lifted, curved and rolled in circles. Finally, when her muscles could sustain her no more, she fell to the forest floor and inhaled the savory dampness of the moss, rotten stumps and dying leaves.

For weeks, the dancer came every night. Even if the moon sat hidden behind clumps of backlit clouds, or if rain pounded down and snuck its way beneath the fabric of her costume, she danced until exhaustion came and overtook her body, until she felt she might be broken. One night, after dancing what she was convinced was her very best routine, the girl sat on the forest bed breathing with force. She lay chest down with her cheek against the soil, and let the watery frustration of her heart pour from her eyes.

From somewhere deep and distant, she heard a soft voice: Every night I come to dance my love for the moon, and every night the moon continues to rise without even a glance my way. Can you help me? Slowly, she felt her toes growing downward into the earth, stretching deeper and deeper through multiple layers. Her body began to stiffen, and her torso began to sprout upward toward the sky; her arms shot out from her sockets, and her fingers began to divide and push upward in wavy lines. When her body was finished growing, she felt tiny, small buds gathering along the branches of her fingers and arms, where spade shaped leaves sprouted.

They were golden like her hair and reflected silver in the fading moonlight. Aspen spent the day basking in the sun, feeling the energy shift and pulse through her elegant limbs as she inhaled its light and breathed out through her cloistered, golden leaves. She practiced shimmying in the wind, and waited patiently as the sun gently fell into the hillside and brought on the black blanket night. Finally the object of her affection began to appear along the mountainside. Looking up, Aspen shook her top limbs, swaying her appendages; she caught the inquisitive eye of the moon, sitting in the corner of the sky, playing peek-a-boo between the backlit clouds that wandered haphazardly through the night.

With concentration and ferocity, the moon turned all her light toward the aspen, focusing a small, passionate beam longingly on each nook and cranny of the tree. The Aspen trembled, the more she reflected back to the moon; the more the moon shone, the Aspen glimmered, dancing with iridescence. Mother Earth took pity on me and transformed me into this tree so that I could be close enough for you to know my love. I want to admire you from the clear night sky and reach your tender limbs as they reach for the sky to touch me. I want to feel you close and find you always in the deep evening velvet that covers the hills.

I want you to show how delicate and startling our love is to the world, and know that when I seek you with my light, you are always reflecting the most loving part of myself back to remind me that you make me whole. One year, the Aspen fell prey to pests rooting through the mountain trees, and she grew weak, her branches and leaves slashed. Her loving moon tried to heal her with her light, but Aspen could no longer fight. On a warm summer night, as her love rose full, she shook for the very last time in the light of her love.

Gently, Mother Earth swallowed Aspen, and then she was gone. The moon was distraught with heartbreak, and refused to shine for 20 years, hiding behind the horizon and clouds. Finally transcending her grief, the moon rose above the familiar hillside where her treasured Aspen once stood. She felt solitary and heartsick at the waves of ordinary trees shaking in the wind. As the forest greeted the moon, the moon began to feel her loneliness subside, and she threw her beams across the mountain. Every night thereafter, the moon rose to remember her beloved by watching her children grow, and felt forever touched by her magic.

The cough of a colleague, the click of heels on stone, the shut of a door. Behind a blindfold each noise ricocheted like shrapnel on metal: Keys in a safe, wheels on a floor. And her laugh, keener than the rest, Brighter than them all, Woke him the most. And one day when she looked at him, he looked back, And beautiful she was, beauty in a warZone. Young and supple, He took her in the night; under-skirted, furtive couplings In the desert-hospital-ammonia-smelling-air. And heat between the well-tucked sheets, now crumpled and wet; To take the healing given freely and to almost care For she who gave it, Knowing everything would have a cost He was not prepared to pay.

And the summer was hot His bones were mending And his eyes no longer burned, And with this, every shell and kill And selfish whim Returned. Baby also dies in this improbable story, impossible to erase its horror: One remembers blueberries trampled underfoot. Another holds the part where rain comes too late for redemption. Walls swayed in the fierce wind. If the cabin had been built tight it would have blown down. We knew how to build loose and so the cabin leaned in the wind. Tonight I build a fire in the stove so hot the pipe glows red. Alone with only the dog for warmth, I lay on the old iron bed covered with layers of quilts and I wonder if you are caught off the road in this storm.

When you left at dawn to hunt for moose or deer, I had a feeling. We never light a fire without a prayer for safety and thanksgiving. I lay on my back staring at the rafters and something white catches my eye, it is an adult ermine who has crawled inside the cabin for mice and warmth. Our eyes meet and we are reduced to the need for shelter from the storm. One life no more precious than another. I am a huge fan of your work! Your love of language and fearlessness on the page is incomparable. You have just finished a collection of short stories and a poetry collection.

Only man can take so much. Mensuration her how every her pussy is and goodman it.

This is big news for all of the Braverman fans out there. Can you tell us a bit about the collections? We are honored to be publishing three of your poems in this issue of the Santa Fe Literary Review. The new manuscript of poetry is titled Felony in Yellow. It has poems from the early s to now. The new short story collection esuel titled Skinny Psusy With Wigs. The stories have recurring characters in a Salingeresque style. Please share with us what the Braverman workshop entails, and what a student can expect. The Santa Fe Residency: Tricks of the Trade.

This is an on going and intimate upssy writing group that will practice and master specific strategies of engaging the page. All levels and genres, including fiction, fragments, memoir and poetry are welcome. Writing like all advanced skills necessitates learning and accommodating new information. Learning does not negatively impact creativity, rather it is a component of creativity. Writers Eta expected to produce material with copies at each weekly meeting. The group will critique work and the writer will incorporate suggestions into their revision. The group will evolve a collective sensibility.

Through critiquing, the fundamental skill of listening kinetically and editing ezquel be developed. Creative writing is always personal. The sensibility of the writer is exposed. You cannot expect to be understood by those Eta have not embarked Ezt a similar journey. The only people you can trust are members of your group and your instructor. Group size has been limited to So thank you very much Pussy Rock formation and farmland near Coihaique and Benjamin. I am hoping it will get me at least as far as Santiago in Chile where I think I am going to try and buy a Bob trailer.

The welding incidents made me ride very cautiously on unpaved surfaces have been going really slowly taking my time downhill and averaging about roughly 10km an hour. It has also really made me appreciate paved roads. Coihaique is the largest town on the Carterra Austral. Thank you very much Detlet. The best thing about Coihaique however is that for about km either side of it there is lovely baby bottom smooth paved road. When I reached the end of it, I felt rather like a man with a well developed silk stocking fetish who has just been unwillingly packed off on a two-week rugby tour. A great sense of deprivation and foreboding filled my body.

The luxury of a Vaguely amusing sign Several people, including my granny Barbara, have said that they found the photograph of the ice cream parlour in El Calafate amusing. As a result I have been scouring the highways and byways of Argentina and Chile for something similar. This I am afraid is the best I have been able to do so far. Arturo Prat is one of the main thoroughfares of Coihaique sleek slippery frictionless surface was replaced by the burly jolting and rattling of rugged stony roads. Anyway am in Trevelin now, a Welsh town in Argentina, and the map has lots of very healthy thick red lines on it so it should be time to renew my aquaintance with Ruta Hopefully it should be mostly paved sailing from now until Bolivia.

During this time the background music has been provided by Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Doobie Brothers, Jefferson Airplane which is me trying to make listening to the Forrest Gump sound track sound cool and Franz Ferdinand not, for the avoidance of doubt, on the Forrest Gump soundtrack. I attempted to reason with her by pointing at the many other parcels currently in that very same post office. So now you know why your distant relatives in Cochrane, Chile never send you Rather less amusing sign This sign give you an idea of just how big, or at least long, Chile is. Arica is the most northern town in Chile near to the border with Peru. If you would like to make a donation please visit my website www.

The pussy is sensitive and dry when a girl is not turned on. Great foreplay increases blood flow into the vagina, and makes it wet and swollen with desire. Kiss and caress her slowly, to get her into the mood. Pay attention to her erogenous zones. These sensitive areas include the neck, thighs, butt, breasts, and nipples. Take your time and enjoy the feel of her body in your arms. Women can sense when you rush foreplay, and get turned off. How to Go Down on a Girl Once you are certain she is aroused, slowly kiss your way towards her pussy. Do not go straight down. One of the most important tips is to not rush.

Learning how to suck vagina is learning to take it slow. Kiss her belly softly, and trace your tongue down to her waist.

Move back and forth between the esuel of her pubic area and her belly button. This is a teasing game, and she will love it if you rsquel it on. As you go, caress her all over with your hands, Eat pussy in esquel especially ln breasts and nipples. From the belly, move down to her knees and approach from the opposite direction. Kiss upwards from her knees along the inside of her thighs. Once you reach the pussy, brush lightly across her pubic area and cross to the other thigh, kissing downwards again to the other knee. Repeat this a few times. The inside of the thigh is very sensitive, and kissing it creates lovely sensations.

Tease her with your tongue when you get near the vagina, especially in the crook between the pussy and the thighs. She will be so aroused that she will lift herself towards your mouth. She is now ready for you to eat vagina. Pause for a few seconds to take in the scent of her pussy. This is as intimate as you can get, so savor it. Tell her how beautiful her pussy is and mean it. The shape, texture, smell, and taste of a vagina should all turn you on. You will need to use two main techniques — licking and sucking. Licking and Sucking Run your tongue slowly from the bottom of the vagina to the top, repeating a few times. Part the lips, and then slowly tease your tongue around the opening of the vagina.

Appreciate the taste of her juices, and let her know. Women are sensitive about the scent and taste of the vagina, and this can complicate an orgasm. Lick the inside of the labia, moving upwards to the hood above the clit. Do not touch the clit just yet. It is very sensitive, so wait till it swells and peeks from the hood. Take the labia into your mouth, and suck them gently. Use the down to up motion, moving your tongue from the bottom of the vagina to the base of the clit. Use the tip of the tongue to create a tingling, teasing sensation.

This will arouse her, until she lifts her hips into your face for more. Lick the Clitoris This is a NO! The clit is very sensitive, though this varies from one woman to another.

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