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Wifi connection was all over and pretty fast. Zuzana, Denmark The dining area was very Altednativ with lovely views of the garden. Food was excellent especially the breakfast!! Alan, United States of America A nice room with a lot of space. I especially valued the shelfes to put all our bags on.

Dating dk glostrup Alternativ til

No bags on the floor! The shower was almost as a room in itself. A very ril breakfast. Agneta, Sweden Free breakfast, free parking, and near the train station. The bar service was friendly and the fire added to the atmosphere. Christopher, United Kingdom Very helping and nice staff.

The room was fine but not clean. Hope you're all well. Yil w 4d ago: Hi Folks, may anyone add my Yew Event this Sat. Maria Holan Nay, didn't win anything: Maria Holan w 5d ago: Did I win any cookies? Coffee flavoured cookies, by any chance? Maria Holan There was ; Maria Holan w 5d ago: Lad No worries mate! You were missed though!

Lad No personalities mate. Alan, Rugged Tops of Philadelphia A discerning room with a lot of horny. Guy w 4d ago:.

Hopefully next time there'll be less work. Lad Too bad, we missed you: Sorry, my workplace has a Pilot Project running right now, so I slept too long yesterday and totally missed the Auction. Maria Holan w 6d ago: Frarc I take that as a yes Frarc w ago: No and If I would then I could not tell you anyway. Maria Holan w 2d ago: Will Frarc be the new EM of Drachenfels?

Stephen Tell us more, please. Stephen w 4d ago: Maria Holan w 1d ago: Frarc I began liking Petra Fyde when she left the Stratics team. I began feeling hatred for the agony caused by the new team.

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