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Given the vast numbers of children living in poverty, swx said it seems Glasgow sometimes has more in common with Kuala Lumpur than it does with Edinburgh. And although a traditional Labour stronghold, McKenna said many now realise independence is their best chance of change, giving the SNP a huge opportunity.

Melanie Kruger, from The Bluebeards Revenge, said: Making plans for Nigel How the European elections became a one man show 1. Voters will get the chance to choose their MEPs on May What are the issues of the day? The EU is hugely important in the UK. We pay mind-boggling amounts to it, receive billions in subsidies and the diktats handed down from Brussels shape our daily lives. Meanwhile, there is, of course, the small matter of Scotland and its relationship with the EU should we vote for independence. Of course, not everyone in England is a Farage fan. He was egged on a visit to Nottingham and his decision not to stand in the Newark by-election and snatch a seat in parliament may prove a missed opportunity in the long-run.

Or they do, but only its wines and cheeses. Farage wants to disband the EU but spends more time talking about the rather more emotive issue of immigration. Does any of this matter in Scotland?

Warm more relevant is how the day of UKIP success in London will affect the negotiation here. The instructions were introduced after limitations over the police department of Guy Duggan.

Surely everyone beats the Lib Dems these days? Perhaps more relevant is how the prospect of UKIP success in England will affect the referendum here. The repercussions of that could easily have an impact here come September. Nigel Farage was surrounded by a baying mob of protestors on a visit to Edinburgh last year bottom right. His visit last week also attracted hundreds of protestors but otherwise passed off incident free.

Nevertheless UKIP has never gained much traction north of the border. It could be we are more pro-European. Then again, it could be we would prefer not to vote for a party which has to admonish or expel a candidate because of the outrageously racist or sexist statements they have made on a seemingly daily basis. Little wonder, he concluded, that they have both expressed admiration for Vladimir Putin. Chris Deerin in the Scottish Daily Mail agreed, saying the end justifies the means for all three leaders. Cat Person is fiction, but this is an idea you will often see in real life as well. For women there is a temptation to see dating not as a mutual evaluation for fitness, but as a sort of reality show where they are paradoxically both the prize entirely passive and the judge in complete control.

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