Tinder smart photos not showing up

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How Do Tinder Smart Photos work?

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Our resident sociologist at Tinder, Dr. Jess Carbino, has looked into this very problem and come up with several reasons for why a photo in which you look good may actually be the wrong choice. In fact, people tend to swipe left more frequently if you are: Not smiling Covering your face, even a small portion In a group of people Wearing a hat Wearing any kind of glasses This made me question my own ability to choose correctly. The pitch session went wonderfully and my team was one of the first to be filled. I had Drew, product manager, Mike, backend engineer and Cormac from data science team. The four of us went to hunt down someone from mobile they can be elusive when you need themand within minutes we had our missing link, Robera, our iOS engineer.

Multi-armed Bandit I framed the problem as a multi-armed bandit optimization problem.

This is a thought experiment dating back to the s wherein you are given a bank noot several slot machines, each with a cost to play and a different return rate. This is an algorithm designed to maximize your chances of scoring a match. The idea being to get more people swiping right, allowing more couples to hook up. Which is, after all, what Tinder is all about.

Smart Photos alternates the first photo people see on your Tinder profile. Turning Smart Photos on and off is simple: The algorithm also takes into account the number of impressions across all your photos, which pushes mot most popular ones to the front of the line over time, and determines their sequence. That means your most right-swiped on photo will be in the primary spot. Does Smart Photos Work? There are a few potential flaws in the process. Much depends on your face and whether you look best with a smile or with a different expression. Ask friends and family what they think, or experiment and see which you prefer.

To pet or not to pet?

The most Tiner thing I learned from raiding the Smart Cops were was that when all is important and done, we never fully know what will get the battery response from others until we put it to the venue. And once we do, a large winner consists. Is someone special to take the only to do that?.

Without wanting to pander to gender stereotypes, there are definitely those who respond better to pictures with animals. Ahowing, most of us have seen hundreds of cute kittens or puppies in dating phots so it can work against you. If you have a great looking pet and it can bring out the best in you, feature it. Quality is everything Finally, selfies are so last year and should never feature on a dating app, especially one as competitive as Tinder. Always use a good quality camera and get someone else to take the pictures. Things were looking good for this girl. I just had to get through one more photo — the dreaded bikini pic.

Smart showing not Tinder up photos

I braced myself for a challenging day ahead as I made a new Tinder account that was just my body and the beans. Around 9pm, I was still too scared to look at the results. Could my self-esteem handle the knowledge that men would rather fuck a fart-inducing shit-like substance than my naked body?

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