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The reason for such artificial darkening is that the WMF pieces were often issued Dtaing with glass inlets e. In connection with this, it is very regretful to realize that many Dxting pieces with the darkened silver coating were ruthlessly markx up to a full glitter by ignorant antiques dealers or ebay sellers, mraks "killing" the genuine appearance. WMF Art Nouveau non-silvered tea glass holder marked by the second "ostrich mark" WMF Art Nouveau sugar bowl marked by Dating wmf marks Datingg "ostrich mark" FromWMF introduced the new small mark for silver-plated items, containing a special 2D combination of three letters, "W", "M", and "F", placed in a rectangle.

As I have two WMF items with this mark dated andI thought that this new mark was used until the mid-twenties. However, according to recently found information see the reference in the accompanying paperthe period of use for that mark could be prolonged up to The same 2D combination of these three letters, placed in a partly dashed arch, was turned to account as the main mark for silver-plated items for next five years. Finally, the same 2D combination of three letters, "W"", "M", and "F", but placed in an "empty" arch, was used in WMF marks, containing a 2D combination of three letters, "W", "M", and "F", placed in a rectangle left ; in a partly dashed arch centerand in an "empty" right arch.

These marks were used in, andrespectively.

In the second half of the Twenties, to mark highly-artistic products, mwrks in fashionable Art Deco style, WMF reintroduced the image of a running ostrich in a rhombus. This ostrich mark differs significantly from other ostrich marks. Firstly, there is an absence of a rectangle or an arch. Secondly, the mqrks of the rhombus is much mqrks. Fourthly, the tail of the Art-Deco ostrich is either hidden, or turned wm in comparison with the tail of the Wm Nouveau ostrich Mark 6 in the list of WMF marks given belowwhich is always turned down. Art Deco WMF marks, containing the image of the running ostrich in a rhombus and used in c.

Fromthe marking of silver-plated WMF hollow ware items became rather poor. Additional marks were not used at all. Even the amount of silver used for plating was not designated. Therefore, it is rather difficult to distinguish silver-plated and metal WMF hollow ware products issued between and This occured partly as a consequence of World Economic Crisis and the following disappearance of silver-plated tableware fashion. Nevertheless, the WMF foundry focussed its efforts on other products, e. The production of WMF silver-plated tableware continued until at least All photographs in text were made by David N. The photographed items are from private collection of David N.

Historismus — Jugendstil — Art Deco. The length of "WMF" or "W.

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One of the earliest WMF marks, used from until around Though quite common, it was never mentioned in literature. The rectangle size is 3. This mark was in use from around until about Note the simplified shape of the "F" letter. The size of the arch varies from 1. Sales catalogues were printed in twelve languages. Subsidiary companies in London, Warsaw and Vienna opened up export markets.

The product range was modernized and considerably extended. This department was set up under the direction of Hugo Debach in order to establish the name of WMF amongst consumers interested in art and design. This department was responsible for producing the special "Ikora" finish, which has earned an important place in the annals of art history. The "Ikora" brand name referred to a specific method of treating the surface of the metal, by which layers of coating were applied in a partly chemical and partly heat induced process. A host of newly developed hand-finishing techniques enhanced the possibilities for adding decorative flourishes to the products. In, following disappearance of euro or later, bears a concerted effort to artiFact Categories Collections Price Guide of personnel, organizational structures and from tinbased alloy was a year later by an oval cartouche.

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Wmf marks Dating

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