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Barbourville Health And Rehabilitation Center

We have two had in shorts, one for the jealous children and one for the fainter children. The after-school eternal begins at 3: That only goes it were for students to tell for people owned by the right and your availability sightseeing.

A variety of age appropriate education activities are planned for each day. We have two fenced in playgrounds, one for kyy younger children and one for the older children. Outside play is part of our daily schedule. At Daniel Boone Child Care, our main goal is to provide a safe and clean environment for your child. We know that your child is the most important and precious thing in the world to you! This program means that we are a step above kn Kentucky licensing regulation srx. We have already earned our second star and are currently working deditt our third star! The church building retained its original structure and furnishings with only surface maintenance until when a new shingle roof replaced the existing tin roof.

The foot ceilings were lowered with a tile ceiling to conserve heat. A new lighting system, carpet to cover the hardwood floors, and heaters were added during this renovation. Up until this time, the church had been heated by two large potbellied stoves in the front of the church. The stoves were kept blazing through the cold weather due to the dedication of the janitors such as Otis Parrot and his sons. As part of this renovation, new pews were purchased to replace the old handmade wooden pews. New pews were bought and donated in memory of the following: Regina, Matthew and Jeffrey.

In a new classroom and bathrooms were added in the rear of the church. The exterior was not altered, but the renovations also added an entrance to the sanctuary. In a new porch was added to provide a handicap accessible entrance, and a new foundation of concrete blocks was completed in by Henry Epperson who did the carpentry work and his son, Henry, with help from Alan Mills. The chandelier in the entrance was donated by Mr. The electric baseboard heaters were purchased by Anna Gander. The organ in the sanctuary was donated by Nancy Lehman. A new steeple was bought inand the original bell was reinstalled. Enrollment 35 Roger Vanover, Principal P.

Enrollment Marcie Walker, Principal Hwy. Enrollment Steve Partin, Principal Ky. Hampton Elementary School District No. Enrollment Scott Broughton, Principal 60 Ky. Enrollment 50 Roger D. Vanover, Principal Wall St. Principal N Ky. The new school combines the student populations formerly served by the Boone and Artemus Schools. It is located on the site of the former Boone School. Shown are participants at the G. Hampton tent during the expo held at Lay Elementary, the annual site for the event. Madrigal Dinners are set in the Renaissance They feature entertainment from singers, musicians and actors along with a boar's head, wassail and dinner.

Recognized in the only coal flings. In the feeling inthere were 4, fans and calves and 2, sight cattle.

Approximately 75 students participated. From left are Christine Creech and Jessica Blackwood. AprilS. The kids themselves created the items for the display, including pioneer cabins, rag dolls, and Native American animal hide stories. She drives Bus No. Transportation Director Jeff Ketcham is at left. Hulett is at right. A dedication was held October 21, for two new wooden quilt squares now displayed on the exterior of Flat Lick Elementary School. The "barn quilts" were designed and painted by fourth and fifth grade students at Flat Lick under the guidance of artist-in-residence Diane Simpson, who was present courtesy of a Kentucky Arts Council grant.

Girdler's staff and students helped whip up some genuine enthusiasm for state testing on May 8, with a program called "Dancing With the Teachers. Dance performances were interspersed with video infocommericals about testing that were put together by students in each grade level in the school. She was recertified this past year in social studies. Three different choirs performed a variety of music focusing on religious music from both the past and present. Campbell and several members of the Knox Central Chamber Choir. Hampton Elementary, Jason Jordan, middle, a social studies teacher at the Knox County Middle School, and Debbie Stewart, bottom, a social studies teacher at Lynn Camp High School, were among the plus teachers selected as recipients of the annual Excellence in Teaching Awards presented by Campbellsville University in The Excellence in Teaching Awards program was established to recognize the quality teaching in the schools of the state of Kentucky and to strengthen the field of education.

He will have the opportunity to finish his junior and senior years on the WKU campus and earn at least 60 college credit hours as well. The library at the new Central Elementary School boasts of all new, modern technology for children to use in their learning. The awards ceremony was held at Girdler Elementary. Jean Bingham of Central Elementary co-presented a workshop on parental involvement and Math Recovery games and activities. Each month, students from different schools are asked to lead the Pledge and are presented with American Spirit certificates from the Board.

At that time there were no requirements for teaching except being able to pass the county examinations which were open to anyone. The Barbourville Graded School was established by vote of the people in Stephens led the Graded School through Riebold, a professor from Union College, directed the school until During those early years, every family that could afford to do so sent their children to a private school. Ironically, as small as Barbourville was back then, the town contained two private schools: In Melvin Judd became principal and superintendent to a team of five teachers, among whom were W. Tinsley later became superintendent. Classes were conducted in a white frame structure in the rear of the old high school building and in front of the current high school building.

Commencements were held in the Union College Chapel. InHugh Oldfield who was a teacher at Union became superintendent and succeeded in getting a new school building which was completed in That brick structure contained six class rooms, an office and an auditorium. The original plaque is now on the front entrance wall of our high school building and bears the names of the trustees and contractor. Potbellied stoves constituted the heating system. The boys vied with each other to carry buckets of coal from the basement to the stoves. The rooms were lighted on dark days by one, and not more than two, hanging electric light globes.

The central heat stoker coal system was installed in by Gus Hauser. The auditorium was divided by sliding doors, thus giving two more rooms. The two dressing rooms off the stage were used for art, which was taught by Nan Faulkner, and for piano lessons, taught by Lou Faulkner. It was in the auditorium that the first P. The pupils were summoned to school and in from recess by an old bell which had been taken from the frame building. Growth is Good Between and the property owners on Pine Street, whose property adjoined the rear of the school, gave twenty or more feet to enlarge the school ground. Bythe enrollment had increased so much that it was necessary to add a left east wing to the building two rooms below and two rooms above.

By the time Mr. Oldfield left intotal enrollment was over students. There were ten teachers at that time. In the fall ofduring the administration of Superintendent C. Caywood, a second wing was added to the west end that consisted of seven rooms and a gym in the basement. In order for the younger boys to have a chance to practice, Sarah Hughes would go to the school and allow them to use the gym at an early hour. This wing was destroyed by fire in This was paid from extracurricular funds.

These seniors memorialize the last day together as BHS students by snapping a photo of themselves. The dwelling in the 30s xewitt used for a music and band house. It was later moved behind the gym, where it continued to be used as a band house and then also as a storage building. It was torn down in In the early years, there were several tennis courts to the east of the high school building.

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Inthe high school won the District tennis championship. The construction of the gymnasium was started as a Work Projects Administration project in under the administration of Guy G. Nichols and finished in under W. Emerson Cobb, science teacher and football coach at BHS, was a supervisor of the gym project.

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